On this particular page we have hand selected what we feel are the 100 most popular full face designs. In our opinion, we think the true professional face painter (one that is painting faces for a fee), should be able to paint any of these images at a rate of about twelve to fifteen per hour. This same face painter should be able to paint any face on this page. This particular page, demonstrates a good range of faces that would be popular for boys, girls, young or old. These have been selected from all the various photo pages. The difference in this particular photo page is we have created it so you can download it in PDF format. In other words just click on the link and you can print out on 8.5 x 11 inch pieces of paper for your personal use. No cutting and pasting, it just can not get easier than that. Ruby Red Paint has the expressed written permission of each of the artists to allow these photos to be downloaded in the PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader you can download this free at the link. You may print these sheets out for your own use. You may not print these out and sell them to anyone in any format. You may not post these photos to any web site without the written permission of the artist.

IF YOU HAVE A PHOTO, that you think, is a must have for the typical professional face painter, then e-mail it in to for consideration.

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Gary Cole Gary Cole Gary Cole Gary Cole Carol Turman
Flower Mound, TX Flower Mound, TX Flower Mound, TX Flower Mound, TX Virginia
link link link link


June 2011 June 2011 June 2011 June 2011  
Chrys Dawid Mark Reid Gary Cole Pauline Billinge Tracey Robinson
Southport, CT Dallas, TX Flower Mound, TX Bolton UK UK
email   email email
"Minimal Cat" "Striped Tiger" "Tiger" "Jaguar" "Green Cat Mask"
Pauline Lynne Jamieson Gary Cole Julia Cronin Jacqueline Brisley
United Kingdom Werribee Australia Flower Mound, TX Kent, UK UK
email link email link link
"Bumble Bee" "Black Widow" "Dalmatain" "Silver Dog" "Snow Scene"
Cindy Trusty Sherry Mercer Brenda Walden Brenda Walden Debbie Mann
Minnesota Riverview, NB Canada Grants Pass, Oregon Yucaipa, CA Israel
email email link
"Bunny" "Swans" "Deer" "Zebra" "Alligator"
Katy Catherine Pannulla Lilith Ragana Emma Edworthy Jean Morga
?? Trevose, PA UK Devon U.K Philippines
email link link link  
Giraffe "Bear" "Octopus" "Blue's Clue" "Panda"
Derrick Little Linda Sheehan Nancye Eidson Jacqueline Brisley Jacqueline Brisley
New York City Tucson, AZ
Lewisburg KY
Nov 1, 2005
email "Peacock" "Pink Bird" "Blue Mask" "Spider Mask"
Naomi Smtih Toni Scholes Jacqueline Brisley Tracey Robinson Jacqueline Brisley
Vancouver, WA UK UK UK UK
June 10, 2004
April Kelly Gary Cole Gary Cole Gary Cole Shannon Fennell
Moore, OK Dallas, TX Dallas, TX Dallas, TX Clairmont, Al, Canada
  Sept 26, 2003 Sept 26, 2003 Sept 26, 2003  
  email email email  
Gary Cole Catherine Pannulla Nicke Wolfe  Roberta Mandella Brian Wolfe 
Dallas, TX  Trevose, PA  Orlando, FL  Boston, MA  Orlando, FL 
Catherine Pannulla Lisa Smiley Lisa Smiley Amy Boehme  
Trevose, PA Monterey County, CA Monterey County, CA Utah   
email link link    
Liese Ho Jacqueline Dobby Julia Cronin Tracey Robinson Mark Reid
Nouvelle Caledonie United Kingdom Kent, UK UK Dallas, TX    
"Heart Crown" "Jasmine" "Music Mask" "Princess Mask" "Lilac Mardi Gras"
Katy Catherine Pannulla Claire Pick Pefina Mark Reid
?? Trevose, PA Bristol, UK Nederland Dallas, TX
  link email link "Mardi Gras" "Orange Mardi Gras"
Dragon "Eye Delight" "Eye Swirl" link  
Dobby Mark Reid Mark Reid Mark Reid Mark Reid
email Dallas, TX Dallas, TX Dallas, TX Dallas, TX
"Spiderman" "Red Monster" "Half Green Spiderman" "Half Red Spiderman" "Biting Snake"
Gary Cole Mark Reid Oli Thomas Paula Paula
Flower Mound, TX Dallas, TX UK UK UK
June 2011 "Dragon" "Alien" "Darth Maul" "Green Monster"
Liz Scotney Erin Penney  Cherri Pearson Gary Cole Gary Cole
UK Hamilton, NJ Humble, FL Flower Mound, TX Flower Mound, TX  link   link link
"Beach" "Wild Web" "The Crow" June 2011 June 2011
Gary Cole Lee Nicke Wolfe  Jax Jax
Flower Mound, TX   Orlando, FL  UK UK
link email   link link
June 2011 "Bat" "Skull" "Devil" "Power Ranger"
Christina Davison Christina Davison Raphael Fieldhouse  Chrys Dawid Chrys Dawid
Amarillo, TX Amarillo, TX Wales  Southport, CT Massachusetts
link link   email email
"Pink Cat Mask" "Tiger Mask" June 2011     
Angie Anders Angie Anders Roberta Mandella Roberta Mandella Zoe Morgan
Waskom, TX Waskom, TX Worcester, MA Worcester, MA UK
link link link link email
May 6, 2008 May 6, 2008 Jan 28, 2008 Jan 28, 2008 Nov 27, 2007
Dunja America Cindy Trusty Amy Boehme Gina Niemi Zoe Morgan
Netherland St Paul, MN   Grants Pass, OR UK
link link   link  
December 22, 2008 October 31, 2008 October 31, 2008 September 22, 2008 May 6, 2008
Sharon Curtus Gary Cole Camila Sosa Camila Sosa Gary Cole
United Kingdom Flower Mound, TX Fresno, CA Fresno, CA Flower Mound, TX
link link     link
June 2011 June 2011 May 6, 2008 May 6, 2008 June 2011
Z Leach Laura Oliver Laura Oliver Laura Oliver  
MA Stanley, KS Stanley, KS Stanley, KS  
August 8, 2011 link link link  
  May 8, 2012 May 16, 2012 May 16, 2012  


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