Planes, Trains and Automobiles  Contest 2010

This contest is a revisit to our 2001 Planes, Trains and Automobiles contest. We are looking for full face designs. At a very minimum we want one quarter of the face to be painted. No cheek art, body painting or the like will be accepted
. Please think original! Be CREATIVE!  Try to give a mix in the three areas planes, trains or automobiles. Use the three examples as your guide. No photos will be posted if they are in another current contest or have been  submitted in a previous contest.  First, second and third place winners will receive certificates of accomplishment. We will hold this contest open until we receive 30 photos. There is a maximum of five photos accepted per person. We will issue certificates to the top three winners in a vote. All other rules at apply. For submission follow the guidelines at

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Yvette V Caron Wheeler Louise
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      Prima Barton Tamina Muhammad
no photo no photo no photo Qld, Aulstralia Tucson, AZ
      November 23, 2010 August 12, 2010
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All photos on this page are protected by copyright.

When you submit photos for any contest they will remain posted. Any changes in text or removal of photo at a later date requires a $5 administration fee.

Other rules.... read this carefully!
1) You may not enter any photo that you have entered before
2) You may not use acrylics or any non-FDA approved face paint in any form. You are otherwise allowed to use any FDA compliant face paint.
3) If your photo is very fuzzy or out of focus it will not be entered. There is no excuse here because we are willing to scan the photo(s) for you.
4) Do not take your photo from 20 feet away. Get as close to your art work as possible. We want to see the art not your entire living room.

for other photography suggestions we hope you will look at

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