Step-by-Step - 2011 Contest

By popular demand we are continuing our Step by Step contest. This is a perpetual contest due to its popularity and value to beginners. Once we fill up a page with ten step by step designs we automatically will open another round of this contest. We suggest you send in three to five photos along with a text description of each step. We will close this contest when we have ten different step by step designs. We allow a maximum of three entries per person for this contest.

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Contests ends when we have a total of 10 step-by-step entries.

Paint the head/neck with brown and the blue body.

Add the pants & hat with green, and the mouth, tie and shoe with red.

Fill in the yellow hat band and white details.

Finish off with black outlines and a google eye!  
#11     Gretchen Fleener     Minnesota, USA     link
Using white, paint the nose/mouth, eye and neck. Use brown to fill in the head, ears and neck. Add horns and a red collar. Finish off with black outlines, a red gemstone nose, and glitter gel jingle bells!  
#10     Gretchen Fleener     Minnesota, USA     link

Using dark brown and a fine, round brush, rough in your shape.

Fill in the brown areas.

Add the whites of the eyes, orange belly, and yellow beak and feet

Add blue eyes and then your black outlines. Finish off with some white highlights!
#9     Gretchen Fleener     Minnesota, USA     link
Begin by sponging sparkle turquoise over both closed eyes and over the bridge of the nose. Using electric blue, add a few stars with a medium flat brush. These stars should be in small clusters of various sizes between the eyes, and to the outside and below the eyes. Again using electric blue and your medium flat brush, paint a few curling flourishes and elongated tear drops around the sparkling mask added in step one. These can extend onto the outsides of the cheeks. Accent the flourishes added in step one with white and a medium round brush, or a fine liner. Add dozens of dots (of varying sizes) with the dotter wand around the flourishes added in step three. Accent these with small four pointed stars designed to immitate glints of light.  
#8     Jennifer Bradford     Surrey, BC, Canada     link
Sponge a layer of sparkle lilac in the center of the forehead, spreading out to the center of the eyebrows and down to the bridge of the nose. Using a jumbo flat brush and a rainbow cake made of turquoise, purple, copper, & black, start at the eyelashes on the eyelid, & extend up to a point at the sides of the top of your sparkle lilac area. Using black & a medium round brush, add some curling outlines to the rainbow added in step one. Between the top tips of the rainbow eyeshadow, add some curling flourishes. With black & a medium flat brush, add several stars on the sparkle lilac on the forehead. Add a few tear drop shapes between the eyes as well as some small curling flourishes to the outsides of the eyes. Using a medium round brush and electric silver, accent the swirls added in step 2. Paint the lips with electric purple. Add just a few small electric purple stars below the eyes. Using a dotter wand, add white dot accents around the entire design. Accent the white dots with a few mini stars designed to mimic glints of light. Add some white accent lighting to the flourishes around the eyes added in step three.  
#7     Jennifer Bradford     Surrey, BC, Canada     link
With a medium round brush loaded with white, add two small outward facing tear drops close together, but not touching. Next paint a small trapazoid that is centered beneath the two tear drops. Using a large flat brush & orange, paint a fairly even circle beginning on one side of the bottom of the trapezoid, arching barely over the tips of the teardrops, & back around to meet the other side of the trapezoid. Fill the circle in. Add two bumps to the circle above the tear drops. After loading a small round brush & black, outline the top edge of the two tear drops. Add a flat heart to the top of the trapezoid. From the bottom of the heart, add the tiger's whiskers. Do not let your whiskers touch the bottom of the trapazoid. Outline the whole design using the same brush & paint as before, but outline using short hash-mark lines. Give the tiger eyes. Add stripes above & to both sides of the nose. These stripes should angle away from the nose. Give the tiger a small mouth by addin an inverted arch to the bottom of the whiskers. Add a touch of bright pink to the inside of the mouth & cover about three quarters of the inside of the eyes with bright green. Add some very thin white whiskers & you are finished.
#6     Sharon Bovey     Gloucestershire, UK     link
Using a sponge & light gray paint, sponge on a light coat of paint that covers the area over the eyes that a sleep mask would normally cover. Add two points on the outside of the top of the 'mask'. Using a large flat brush & the same light gray, paint the elephant's trunk by beginning between the eyes & sweeping downwards onto the end of the nose, & then to one side in a small loop. Outline what will be the elephant's ears, & the top of its head with a large round brush loaded with black. Add a small poof of hair to the top of the head. Give the elephant tusks starting just below each tear duct & sloping out toward the cheek bones for two inches. Use a large round brush & white for this. To finish this design, first add a few small white toenails, & some light accenting up the trunk & on the top side of the ears. Add a few small green leafs at the tip of the trunk. Finally, outline the tusks, trunk, legs, toenails, & mirror the white light accents added in the last step with some thin black lines.  
#5     Sharon Bovey     Gloucestershire, UK     link

Using a damp sponge, apply white paint to the inner eyes, then use the other edge of the same sponge to apply light pink. Blend together gently with the sponge. Using a #4 round brush, line the eyes with dark purple.


Using the same sponge from Step 1, make a small white half crcle  in the middle of the forehead then sponge a layer of light pink then purple. Blend each together where they meet. Using a #2 round brush, center a black cross. Make 2 smaller crosses with the #2 brush and black. Then use a #2 round brush and purple to make grass under the crosses.

Using your #2 brush with black, create a thorny branch on each side of the design, near eyes. With same brush make small markings on inner eye. Using Purple on a #4 round, make teardrop shapes at the corners of the eye. Highlight crosses with white, shadow the grass with black. Add a few stars with white on a #2 round.

Add more stars and shadow them with purple from earlier. Be sure to add 3 larger star shapes in the middle between the eyes. Add white dots where you like. Paint the lips pink and outline in purple, blending the purple outline into the pink with a lightly damp tiny filbert brush. Add a few white dots.
#4     Jody Rife     Ohio     link

Apple yellow, purple, and green to corner of sponge. Swipe sponge across and down face.

Apply flowers using a #3 round brush. Apply pink first then white for highlights.

Add leafs using a #2 round brush. Apply dark green first the lime for highlights.

Add vines,white highlights,and lips with a #2 round brush

#3     Christen Jones     Tennessee     email
Double load a 3/4 inch flat brush with lilac and dark purple.  Swipe over the eyes as shown, with the dark purple on bottom.  I used TAG pearl lilac and DFX metalix purple for this design. Load sponge with lilac and cover forehead, blending lightly with the paint already applied.  Bring lilac down the nose from the inside corner of the eyes, but no paint directly underneath the eyes.

Add black line work, making a "petal" in the center, then adding lines and teardrops, working your way around the mask and drawing everything toward the center of the face.  Save a few places to add white details, such as tear drops and accents.

Apply black liner to the upper eyelid.  Load a round brush liberally with a thick mixture of white paint and apply dots at the corners of the eyes, and other strategic places in the design.

Finally, paint the lips, lilac in the center, darker purple and then black softly around the outside.  Add stars in several spots to make the mask "twinkle", and line with silver glitter gel.
#2   Angie Anders     Texas     link
Using a shimmer/glitter powder create a triangle base above eyebrow and a bit on the cheek bone as well. Add a muzzle above lip area and white on nose flicking up at the top of fore head. Then add ear peaks and a few tear drops fanning out at the side of eye. Add pink nose. Add black dots on muzzle and line lip area and make a "Y" shape on nose with a fine pointed brush. Then with fine point brush using white create whiskers from the muzzle area making sure white is soup like consistency to make smooth lines.  Add triangles for inner ears as well with white.( round brush) Using a round brush double dip brush with purple then the tip of brush with white. Make three flowers sm. med. sm. sized under eye on cheek bone area. Using fine point brush and souplike consistency white make tiny white dots in center of purple area of flower and on sides fading them into the design. using a fine tipped brush with white make a few stars starting in center flicking outwards and then dots around each to fade into design. Add a few swirls from eye area to add dots stars etc and your design is then complete.
#1 Jennifer Bradford     Canada     link