Anything Musical - Contest - 2008

This is a revisit to "face painting to musical themes." We will accept 40 photos with a maximum of five from any one person. All submissions must have a specific music connection. We have included three photos from the earlier contest to provide some guidelines. This is cheek art or full face designs. NO BODY PAINTING for this contest. Your design might have a musical note, stanza or a guitar but it must clearly be focused on music or it will be declined.  As always..."THINK ORIGINAL" we are looking for new ideas.

 Below you will find photos as suggested formats and themes.

music001120.jpg (38814 bytes)
Val Lampkin Steph Morgan Oli Thomas

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Michelle Triepels Lonnie Kaergaard Michelle Triepels Michelle Triepels Chris Kennedy
Landgraaf, Netherlands Denmark Landgraaf, Netherlands Landgraaf, Netherlands Harrisburg, VA
December 12, 2011 June 13, 2011 November 23, 2010 November 23, 2010 November 23, 2010


link link email
16 17 18 19 20
Cat Finlayson Ginny Sieminski Gina Newsum Gina Newsum Lone Wolf-Kirkegaard
UK Charlottesville, NC Battle Creek, MI Battle Creek, MI  
September 13, 2010 July 7, 2010 March 22, 2010 March 22, 2010 January 20, 2010
link link email email  
21 22 23 24 25
Cat Finlayson Cat Finlayson Anya Sahla Nancy Miner Alison Kenyon
Hong Kong Hong Kong France   Colfax, CA
January 20, 2010 January 20, 2010 January 20, 2010 August 10, 2009 January 19, 2009
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26 27 28 29 31
Ginny Sieminski Jacklyn Suiskins Jacklyn Suiskins

Melanie Hayne

Samm Starrs
Charlottesville, NC Belgium Belgium Par, Cornwall Adelaide, Australia
December 10, 2008 December 10, 2008 December 10, 2008 November 14, 2008 October 22, 2008
link link link link link
31 32 33 34 35
Mariette Kerssies Marian Velthuis Jennifer Bradford Marian Velthuis

Christina Davison

Kaatsheuvel, Netherland Zwolle, Netherland Surrey, BC Canada Zwolle, Netherland Amarillo, TX
August 7, 2008 August 7, 2008 June 25, 2008 June 25, 2008 Apr 23, 2008
link link link link link
36 37 38 39 40

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All photos on this page are protected by copyright.

When you submit photos for any contest they will remain posted. Any changes in text or removal of photo at a later date requires a $5 administration fee.

Other rules.... read this carefully!
1) You may not enter any photo that you have entered before
2) You may not use acrylics or any non-FDA approved face paint in any form. You are otherwise allowed to use any FDA compliant face paint.
3) If your photo is very fuzzy or out of focus it will not be entered. There is no excuse here because we are willing to scan the photo(s) for you.
4) Do not take your photo from 20 feet away. Get as close to your art work as possible. We want to see the art not your entire living room.





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