This page is for face painting involving Landscapes.  If you think you have an interesting & new design involving a Landscape, please email a photo of it to If it is original, good quality, professional, & different (or of a better quality of a design already on these pages) we'll add it to this page. In the long run we would love for these new categorized "best of the best" pages to be as complete a directory as possible for potential designs. We'd like to do this so that if you wanted to paint an elephant for example, you could come here & see 10 or 20 different designs & know what you'd like to do. These photos were all either submitted directly to this page or gleaned from prior contests. If one of these faces won an award in a previous contest it's rank or award will be mentioned below the photo.

These new pages (made by canibalizing old contest & photo pages) are intended for the user's convenience. This overhaul was designed to both make it easier for the mom to find the face she's looking for before her kid's birthday party and also make it easier for the professional to see a good range of designs for inspiration. We are aiming to reduce redundancies in design, raise the quality of the faces (& photos) on our site, & to make finding what you want easier. You'll find different design families clustered together (ie: monkeys, giraffes, etc.).

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Barbara Alldaffer

Naomi Smith

Angela Emery Deliza Nieves Cat Finlayson
Minn./St. Paul, MN ??? Wilmslow, Cheshire UK Brooklyn, NY UK/ Hong Kong
May 16, 2007 Sep 17, 2007 Nov 27, 2007 August 14, 2000 Sept 28, 2006
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1 2 3 4 5


Henny Bulten Heidi Banas Nina G Cindy Edgin
Monterey County, CA Wellington, FL Perth, Western Australia Los Angeles Texas
Dec 19, 2006 August 11, 2008 Dec 12, 2005 Oct 16, 2003 Feb 11, 2008
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6 7 8 9 10
Mary Debi Winger Amy Boehme Natasha Currie Susanna
North London San Diego, CA Woods Cross, UT Sydney, Australis London
Nov 30, 2004 December 10, 2008 November 22, 2010 December 30, 2010 November 13, 2008
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3rd: Holidays '03       FINALIST: Halloween '08
11 12 13 14 15
Jacqueline Davis-Darke Katherine Nutt Nicole @ Sitech  Mary Louise Lear-Jones
Ontario, Canada Lakewood, CO London, UK North London Scotland
November 24, 2008 December 8, 2008 Nov 22, 2005 Dec 12, 2005 Sept 26, 2003


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16 17 18 19 20
Jax Martin Amand Rona Emerson Belinda Wurmitzer Amber Ilyas
Kent, UK     Austria Devon, UK.
Nov 13, 2003 2003 2003 August 26, 2009 July 30, 2009
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21 22 23 24 25
Mark Gannon

Deidre MacDonald

Angie Anders Angie Anders Linzi Foxcroft
Poole Dorset UK New Hampshire East Texas East Texas UK
Jul 20, 2007 Aug 28, 2006 Aug 11, 2006 Aug 11, 2006 Aug 12, 2005
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HONORABLE MENTION     FINALIST: Summer Free for All '06 3rd: Summer Free for All '05
26 27 28 29 30
Carmen Chase Denise Mountstephens Amanda Liddle Terry Miller Jarratt Naomi Faith
Newton, NC USA Surrey - UK UK Manchester, MD USA
Aug 31, 2002 Aug 20, 2003 Aug 29, 2003 Aug 28, 2008 Apr 12, 2006
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2nd: Summer Free for All '02 FINALIST: Summer Free for All '03 1st: Summer Free for All '03    
31 32 33 34 35
K Magas Ms. Yuliya Ivonne Lizeth Teran Garcia Naomi Faith Meryl Hall
Calgary Canada Alaska Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico USA Bancroft, On Canada
Nov 2, 2005 Sept 21, 2005 Dec 21, 2005 Apr 3, 2006 Feb 8, 2006
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36 37 38 39 40
Christina Davison Hilde de Wit Ruth Wardhaugh Laurie Phelps  
Amarillo, TX Zoeterwoede, Netherland St Fergus, Scotland Clovis, CA  
Feb 8, 2006 October 22, 2008 Feb 8, 2006 Nov 28, 2007  
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