The Ruby Red "Face-Off"

This contest started in April of 2004 and it is be a perpetual contest. This is how it works... if you have an original piece of face painting or body painting that you think might pose a "challenge" to the current reigning King or Queen, then submit your photo to . In 2006 due to the popularity of this contest we split the contest into three categories... Faces, Bodies and Cheek Art. If the primary focus is the face then it might be put in the face contest even if there are parts of the design that flow onto the body. We discourage you from submitting painting that is simply painting on the back. Note: we are looking for originality. As an example we all have seen our share of tiger, Spiderman and butterflies. If you wish to submit one of these, it better be something quite unique. Again, think original! When you send in your image it is only a submission to the contest. Gary or the Ruby Red Paints discussion list team will hand select from the submission photos that they think might pose a challenge to the current champion. You may not submit a photo that has previously been submitted. As the submissions come in, we will select two "challengers" from the current queue of submissions. Voting will follow each round. Whoever gets the most votes gets to stay at the top. The others drop down in the pyramid. The longer you hold the position as champion, the higher you get to stay in the pyramid.

For this contest we want you to send in higher resolution images. Keep the pixel width around 555 and we will crop to make the image fit to standardize the photo page. The lower in the pyramid, the smaller the image becomes. The object is to stay on top of the pyramid the longest, as new challengers come to take you on. For this contest you will need to send in your very best efforts. Take your time on these images and take particular steps to have a neutral back ground, proper focus, proper zooming and proper lighting. Each of these will work toward your good. Focus on the "painted canvas" and not the body, costume etc. We think this will be a new twist on the Ruby Red photo contests. As time goes on we will interject prizes if someone holds the crown for more than three consecutive months. If you were a reigning King or Queen and get knocked off the top of the pyramid, then you have to set out one full round before having another of your photos attempt a challenge. When you submit your photo make sure you give your name, your location in the world and let us know if you want either your e-mail or URL link posted under your photo. Body art, full faces or even cheek art will be considered. Questions should go to

All photos and text found on the Ruby Red site are protected by copyright. You may not post any photo or text to your website or for resale in any form without the written permission of the artist.

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# of days

# of successful challenges

Current Champion: Yo from New Zeeland Feb 19, 2008 current   0
Longest reigning female champion to date by time: Cindy Trusty from the USA Aug 20, 2007 Dec 21, 2007 121 days 0
Longest reigning female champion by wins: Lynn Jamieson from Australia Dec 20, 2004 July 20, 2005   4
Longest reigning male champion to date by time: Derrick Little from USA Oct 3, 2005 Nov 29, 2005 57 days 0
Longest reigning male champion by wins: Derrick Little from USA Oct 3, 2005      

Note: If the reigning King or Queen fends off a challenge and holds onto the crown, the numbers below will increase accordingly. This is done to keep a running total of the numbers of wins per individual, sex, or country of residence. If for example someone is able to fend off challenges four times, then their count below would increase by one for each win. This is a running total from all three of the Face-Off, Body-Off and Cheek-Off Contests.

Running total of female winners: 73        
Running total male winners: 1        
Running total of winners from Scotland: 5        
Running total of winners from: Peru: 2        
Running total of winners from Australia 15        
Running total of winners from Canada: 4        
Running total of winners from England: 5        
Running total of winners from Mexico: 9        
Total of winners from the Netherlands 3        
Total of winners from the New Zeeland 1        
Total of winners from the South Africa: 3        
Total of winners from the United States: 23        
Running total of winners from Wales: 4        


    To vote on this face-off go to
Current Queen of the Kingdom Challenger #1 Challenger #2
Lisa Smiley
Jacklyn Suiskens
New Zealand California Belgium
Dec 27, 2007 Feb 19, 2008 Feb 19, 2008

 Currently accepting challengers to

  Previous Face-Off Winners

Christina Davison

Lisa Smiley Cindy Trusty

Beverley Duffey

Amarillo, TX

California Minnesota Southport, England
Dec 21, 2007 Aug 20, 2007 Aug 15, 2007 Feb 2, 2007
Lisa Smiley Jackie Green PJ Williams Des
California Denver, CO Alaska Orlando, FL
Jan 22, 2007 Oct 25, 2006 Oct 13, 2006 Feb 21, 2006
Ruth Wardhaugh

Leah Reddell

Mary (Susanna) Lynne Jamieson
St Fergus, Scotland Colorado North London, England Werribee Victoria, Australia
Jan 3, 2006 Sept 2, 2005 Oct 13, 2004 Sept 15, 2004
Adela Vidal Leah Reddell Valerie Lampkin Sherry Mercer
Perú Colorado Scotland Riverview, N.B., Canada
Aug 17, 2004 July 30, 2004 May 3, 2004 Mar 29, 2004 email email
Queen from Aug 21, 2004 to Oct 1, 2004 Queen from Aug 10, 2004 to Aug 21, 2004 Queen from May 10, 2004 to Aug 10, 2004 Queen from April 5, 2004 to May 10, 2004


Previous Challengers

Jackie O'Galligan

Naomi Smith

Lisa Smiley Lisa Smiley Christine Marsh Jackie Green
Suffolk, UK Pacific NW - USA California California Rochester, NY Denver, CO
Dec 21, 2007 Aug 20, 2007 Aug 15, 2007 May 22, 2007 May 22, 2007 Feb 2, 2007
link email link link link link

Beverley Duffey

Barbara Alldaffer Lisa Smiley Lisa Smiley Jackie Green Carol Horen
Southport, England Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN California California Denver, CO Colorado Springs, USA
Jan 22, 2007 Jan 17, 2007 Jan 17, 2007 Oct 25, 2006 Oct 13, 2006 Aug 4, 2006
email link link link link email


Charlotte Herring

Yo* Bartram

Charlotte Herring

Fatih Shannon Fennell
United Kingdom Denver, CO New Zealand Aurora, CO USA Grande Prairie, Alberta
Aug 4, 2006 May 18, 2006 May 18, 2006 Apr 12, 2006 Apr 12, 2006 Apr 3, 2006
link link link email email link
Mark Reid Charlotte Herring Claire Pick Anna Wilinski Shannon Fennell Anna Wilinski
Dallas, TX Aurora, CO Bristol, UK Kalamazoo, MI Grande Prairie, Alberta Kalamazoo, MI
Apr 3, 2006 Mar 1, 2006 Feb 21, 2006 Feb 6, 2006 Jan 23, 2006 Jan 23, 2006
email email link link link link
Michaela Zeng
Derrick Little
Ivonne Lizeth Terán García Jackie Green Elena Lieu Faith
Lampertheim, Germany NYC Mexico Wheat Ridge, CO Melbourne Australia Pacific, NW, USA
Dec 27, 2005 Dec 12, 2005 Nov 29, 2005 Aug 15, 2005 Aug 15, 2005 July 20, 2005
link link link email email email
Ruth Wardhaugh
Suzette Wyland
Ivonne Lizeth Terán García Ivonne Lizeth Terán García Elena Lieu Sherry Mercer
St Fergus, Scotland Jacksonville, FL Mexico Mexico Melbourne Australia Riverview, N.B., Canada
June 29, 2005 Apr 20, 2005 Mar 31, 2005 Mar 3, 2005 Feb 7, 2005 Dec 20, 2004
link link link link email email
Charlotte Herring
Naomi Smith
Diane (Scribbly Faces)

Cathy Corbett

Ivonne Lizeth Terán García

Rosey Jones
Denver Colorado Vancouver, WA Perth, Western Australia

Campbell River B.C Canada

Mexico Shropshire/UK
Dec 1, 2004 Oct 25, 2004 Oct 13, 2004 Aug 30, 2004 Aug 17, 2004 July 30, 2003
email email  link     link
Moogie (Robyn Thompson Louise Lear-Jones Meryl Hall Lori Jessup Meryl Hall Meryl Hall
New Jersey Scotland Bancroft ON, Canada Orlando, FL Bancroft ON, Canada Ontario, Canada
July 2, 2004 Mar 29, 2004 Mar 30, 2004 May 19, 2004 May 19, 2004 June 9, 2004
email link email   email email

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