How much is it going to cost to have my goods shipped?
Also how long is it going to take?

If you want to calculate the costs for shipping via UPS go to at this site, put the zip code 75057 as the origin location. Keep in mind if it is a residence you pay $1 extra. There are extra fees for expedited delivery, delivery on Saturdays, COD and any other special request. See the map below for the delivery times according to UPS. If you have any specific questions regarding shipping costs you will need to contact UPS directly by going to their web site at or call them at 1-800-PICK UPS.

Note: delivery using the option "Second Day" does NOT guarantee delivery in 2 days. The only guaranteed delivery is UPS Red, Overnight. The map below is a map provided by UPS. This is what THEY say is their delivery times. UPS shipping from Lewisville, Texas. UPS does not include the day it was shipped and in the times below do not include weekends or Holidays. During peak holiday times delivery could take longer. We normally ship from our office 24 to 48 hours from the time we receive the order. This does not include weekends or holidays. It is also important weather conditions can also affect deliver times. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of UPS for the time it takes to deliver and the high costs of shipping. The minimum charge for a one pound box from Dallas to a residence in the North East or North West starts at $13. We wish shipping was less expensive but as we said, we have little control over what UPS charges us.

Many people ask if we can instead ship via the United States Postal Service. On special requests we can but the consumer will assume full liability if the goods do not arrive. With UPS they have a good tracking system and they are pretty good about paying a claim if the package is lost in transit. It has been our experience that the USPS has a poor track record when your package goes missing in action or you wish to make a financial claim for a lost package.


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