The Ruby Red Colors

We've tried to get accurate color matches by providing actual photos of the makeup cake but this is best used as a comparative guide, rather than a true likeness. Each monitor can easily vary the colors from what you actually receive. On the Pearl, Metallic and UV/DayGlow colors these will not be portrayed properly on any screen because of screen limitations. The pearl colors appear with a sheen or pearl look when applied. The UV colors show as seen in natural light but show up extremely well under blacklights or UV lighting. The UV color "invisible" is not going to show up at all in natural like but be bright and vivid under blacklight. The metallics simulate polished metals. We will evolve to a color range of over one hundred colors. Seventy five colors will remain standard and the balance will fade in and out based on season need or demand. Are you aware we do pantone color matching? We already do this for over four hundred sports teams. If you need an exact color match contact us at  There is a $50 pantone match fee and then a 24 unit (18ml) minimum purchase. After the first color match you only need to purchase the minimum quantity. Our suggestion is to look at the colors available as you might find a color already very close to what you want. When in doubt send us the pantone color number or tell us the team and we can point you in the right direction for the closest match.  

Here at Ruby Red we Pantone color match. There is a one time $50 color matching charge and a minimum purchase of twenty-four of the 18ml paints or 400 total ml of face paint. The charges must be paid for in advance. This is great if you are trying to match a specific team color or logo color. Once you have ordered a pantone color you may reorder the color with the minimum order amount. In other words we do not charge you again for the pantone matching charge. We already pantone match for hundreds of professional and sports teams. If you are interested send your request to

100 white * 110 light grey 115 grey 120 dark grey 122 charcoal 150 black * 153 light beige 155 beige 160 cocoa 165 pecan 170 chocolate 180 dark brown 202 complexion  
205 pastel pink 207 bubblegum 210 pink * 220 grapefruit 230 fuchsia 245 raspberry 247 rose 250 red * 255 cherry 260 rust 270 burgundy 280 maroon 290 ruby  
320 pastel yellow 330 sunflower 350 yellow * 360 deep yellow 370 peach 380 ochre 381 mustard 382 sweet potato 383 squash 405 ice 410 pastel blue 430 caribbean 432 denim  
440 sea blue 450 blue * 470 ultramarine 480 midnight 490 turquoise * 510 pastel green 514 granny smith 516 pear 520 sea foam 530 avocado 540 lime 550 green * 580 forest  
590 teal 630 apricot 640 habanero 650 orange * 670 pumpkin 680 burnt orange 690 terracotta 710 aster 740 lavender 750 wild grape 760 lilac * 770 purple 775 haze  
780 deep purple                          
M800 metallic gold M810 metallic silver M820 metallic gun metal M830 metallic copper                    
P101 pearl white P151 pearl black P207 pearl pastel pink P211 pearl pink P231 pearl fuchsia P251 pearl red P351 pearl yellow P411 pearl pastel blue P431 pearl Caribbean P451 pearl blue P471 pearl ultramarine P491 pearl turquoise P551 pearl green  
P651 orange P711 pearl aster P771 pearl purple                      
Coming soon is a full line of Day Glow and UV colors!                          
Day Glow - UV
851 yellow
Day Glow - UV 852 dark yellow Day Glow - UV 853 orange Day Glow - UV 855 green Day Glow - UV 856 red Day Glow - UV 857 dark red Day Glow - UV 858 pink UV
859 invisible



Does the card look strange on your monitor?
If it does, or if lots of the colors look the same, try adjusting the color, contrast and brilliance on your monitor. Some older monitors or laptop-style LCD displays, however, are not able to discern all the colors. The color you see will also depend on your browser. These colors we're optimized using Netscape Navigator v.3.

All of our paints are available in 2ml, 18ml, and 75ml.

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