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See a face paint stamp in use at www.rubyredpaint.com/StampVideo.mov

Ruby Red sells a growing line of EVA stamps. These stamps can be used for everything from painting on a school logo on your cheek in preparation for the big game or it can be a stencil in order for you to decorate your child's bedroom wall used with house paint. Because we manufacture these ourselves here in Texas, with an in-house art department, your setup charge is quite reasonable. If you are a reseller to any industry we are your one stop source. Simply send your image to matthew@rubyredpaint.com Tell us how many you want and we will send you a price quotation. If you are a reseller, we should be your supplier because of our quick turnaround and low industry pricing. EVA stamps absorb and duplicate with face paints, acrylic paints or even house paints. Stamps can be any size and are cut on our high tech lasers and can be any size up to 24 x 36 inches. Turnaround is often 24 hours!

We make stamps on EVA foam that allows for great detail and transfers well with face paints, inks, acrylic or latex paints. The thickness of the stamp is one inch but the height and length is up to your particular need up to 24 x 36 inches. If you would like to see samples, just let us know. There are very few limitations to the complexity of the design you choose for your stamp. If it is used for face painting or craft work we suggest you keep your design quite simple. If you are creating a wall mural, the design can be large and more complex. For a simple guide for designing a craft or face painting stencil or stamp refer to www.rubyredpaint.com/PDF/StampGuidelines.pdf

In most cases there is a simple $30 art setup charge. If your stencil is quite complex, the cost can increase. If you send us the image you wish to be converted into a stamp we will give you a firm price quote before we start work. As a general rule we ask for the setup costs to be paid for in advance. If you are ordering in large volume we often will wave any setup costs. All stencils are made at our location in Lewisville, Texas (near Dallas). We have found that we can be very competitive even as compared to volume prices out of China. It does not cost you anything to get a price quotation from us. At the very least, you will keep your current supplier honest. For volume pricing contact matthew@rubyredpaint.com

We are sensitive to private designs, trademarks or copyrighted images. If the design is your special design, you can be assured that only you will get the stencil. We will not make a stamp for any design without appropriate approvals. If it is a custom design we ask that you sign our stencil/stamp design permission form  www.rubyredpaint.com/PDF/stamp-stencil-permission-2012.pdf We do not want to infringe on anyone's protected image. We are the sole supplier to many stamp resellers and in most cases the designs are their own and protected to be sold only through their distribution networks.

The process to get a custom stamp is relatively easy. Please look at our general guideline sheet. The standard setup charge is
$30 for each design. This payment is required up front and is nonrefundable. This can be charged to your credit card. We will layout your stamp and send you an electronic proof for you to approve. Depending on the complexity of your logo it might look slightly different than your logo seeing there are often minor changes required to hold the stamp together. Generally it only cost $30 for setup. On rare occasions it could cost more but you would know this before we start the design process. On the initial look at your proof you can suggest changes you want. You can get one free set of changes so make all of your suggestions on your first review. After
  the first revision we charge you $5 for every time we have to reopen the file to make corrections. Keep in mind we can make just about any stamp but the saying “you can’t get an elephant in a breadbox” applies. If your stamp is to be small (2 x 3 inches) then the design should be pretty simple. The larger the stamp, the more detail we can put on the stamp. Send your artwork for a quote to our art department at matthew@rubyredpaint.com
 After the design phase the standard cost per stamp is...

$10 for the first stamp made
$5 each for stamps 2 through 5
$3 each for stamps 6-174
$1.50 each for stamps 175 and above

If you want  more than 500 or more stamps ask for a quote after we look at your stamp design. The general shipping and handling charges are $10 to $20 depending on how we ship and to what location and how many stamps you ordered. We ship anywhere in the world stencils and custom stamps. The setup charge is a one time charge as long as you do not make changes to the design. The price can be higher if your stamps are extremely large.
If your stamp is larger than 5 x 5 inches, the cost for a stamp can increase. We are protective of copyrighter or trademarked logos. In most cases we make you sign a legal waver accepting all liability for the stamp being made. The bottom line is you have either have the rights to the design or you have secured the rights for the design. The legal burden then becomes yours. We have a legal form we make you sign and return. If you wish to see this legal waver, ask for a copy. We can make stamps up to 24 x 36 inches. We will match or beat any reasonable price and when you start talking about volume, no one is close to our prices and speed of service. GENERALLY we can do the design work in one or two business days. Shipping is the same day unless you are talking about over 500 stamps and then we need a few days. If you send us a jpg or photo image of the design you want, tell us what size you want the stamp, how fast you want it delivered and where you want it shipped, we can give you a firm quotation. Our most popular size stamp is 1.4 inches square but we can make them larger or smaller.
Are you in the market of use stencils? You might want to check out custom stencils at
www.rubyredpaint.com/customstencils.htm  Let us know if you have any questions.
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IF YOU ARE A VOLUME BUYER... 100+ per design talk to Gary Cole at gary@rubyredpaint.com  WE WILL BEAT ANY (reasonable)   PRICE!


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