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Ruby Red Paints makes stencils for a variety of uses; from painting a 20ft logo on a bus, to marking curbs, to face painting small cheek designs. We make our stencils ourselves & do the art in house, allowing us to usually beat our competition’s prices & turn around time. Mylar stencils can be up to 24” x 36” & Vinyl stencils can be up to 30” x 50 feet. Our average turn around time for custom stencils is 24 hours from design approval to shipment.

What materials do you use?
  1. Mylar:
    • Semi rigid, yet flexible
    • 3 Thicknesses available: .005”, .007”, .01”.
    • .007” is the most commonly used thickness since it offers the best flexibility to endurance ratio.
    • .01” is good for those who are rough on their stencils. Still flexible, but more durable.
  2. Peel & Stick Single Use Vinyl:
    • Good for Glitter Tattoos & pin stripping on cars.
    • We can do fine details with this option.
  3. Static Cling Vinyl:
    • Not rigid, very flexible, & reusable

How much does it cost to do a custom Stencil?

How do I order a custom stencil?
  1. Email Matthew, he will talk details with you & help you figure out what size & material would work best for your application if you’re not sure. He’s designed hundreds of stencils & can help you get the best stencil for your needs. Tell us how large you want the actual cut portion of the stencil to be & also how thick of a border you want: matthew@rubyredpaint.com
  2. Pay the $30 art setup. This can be done over the phone or via paypal. Office phone: (972)221-8665 OR Paypal: gary@rubyredpaint.com
  3. After setup is paid, we will email you a proof of your stencil to look at. If it looks good, respond saying so. If you have a suggested change, we will try to accommodate it & email you a revised proof. You get one free shot to list all change suggestions. After the initial correction, additional revisions will cost $5 each. This is to prevent us from spending hours making countless revisions.
  4. Once art is approved, we will get to work, make your stencils, & ship them out.

Resources when planning a custom stencil:
Stencil guidelines: Stencil Guideline PDF
Trademark/Copyright permission form: Permission Form PDF
Emails for questions or ordering: matthew@rubyredpaint.com OR gary@rubyredpaint.com
For information about custom stamps: Custom Stamps
To view stencils we’ve made, visit our online brochure: Online Brochure
Our office phone number: (972)922-3102

Gary Cole
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IF YOU ARE A VOLUME BUYER... 100+ per design talk to Gary Cole at
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