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Face Painting is only a part of the party package I offer. How do I incorporate face painting into my party when I only have 20 or 30 minutes for the activity? Contributed by Moogie the Clown

I'm primarily a "Birthday Party Clown". My skills include comedy magic, balloon twisting and storytelling. Since we're at a facepainting website, I'm going to tell you about how I facepaint at Birthday Parties.

Facepainting is included as an option. I offer it to the mom's who call to book parties. Many of them think it would be great fun, other's choose not to have it. It of course is their choice. Some of the reasons that they choose not to include facepainting may include an all-white livingroom or too many children in attendance.

Facepainting is very much a one-on-one activity. For the couple of minutes that you are painting that child, it is very difficult to entertain all the others. When you are going to an event as a clown it is expected that you entertain the entire time you are there. You can joke with the children and tell stories while painting but your focus is going to be on the child that you are painting. Keeping the other children entertained can be problematic. There are several ways around this. Facepainting is a great activity to take place at the beginning of the party. It makes the party that much more festive to have the children decorated! The children's arrivals are usually staggered, this give you the perfect opportunity to paint them as they come in while you are waiting for all the guests to arrive. Another option is to lead the children in a game while you are painting them. I like for them to sit in a circle and play "hot potato". I play recorded music while they quickly pass around a balloon. The child holding the balloon when I stop the music is the next one to get facepainted. This ends any disputes over who was next!

Speaking of who's next, it's very important to paint the birthday child first and most elaborately. Painting their sibling next will make the birthday mom happy. Keeping the birthday mom happy is second only in importance to keeping the birthday child happy! Mom is the one who books you, pays you and who hopefully tips you and recommends you to her friends. Keeping your stuff neat will help to endear you to mom. I work with ten 18ml paints canisters glued to a palette. I don't bring an open water container because I'm a klutz and the potential for disaster is just too high. I bring a small mister bottle filled with water for moistening the paint and also use it to moisten papertowel for cleaning my brushes. I also bring a parachute with me. Besides being great fun for games, it also serves to designate an area for the children to stay within as well as serving as a very colorful dropcloth.

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