Make your own Rainbow or Split Cake by Gary Cole



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Making a rainbow cake with the Ruby Red 2ml cakes by far is the easiest method. We even sell six color kits with these instructions...

Wash your hands and find a clean kitchen knife and cutting board. 

Select the six colors you wish to use and decide what order you would like your rainbow. Ruby Red has 100 colors to choose from. You can make a traditional rainbow like the photo shown center above or any configuration you wish. You can make the stripes wide or thin. For example if you wanted to make a red, white and blue one for the fourth of July then select 2 bright red 2mls, 2 white and two royal blue and put your cake together this way. 2 For best results place the paints in your freezer for thirty minutes as this makes them firmer. Remove the thin top protective cover. With a pointed knife slip the knife under the edge between the plastic and the 2ml cake and slide out the paint godet. 

Some colors like pastels you might need to go around the edge to free it. Lay the removed paint godet on a cutting table. Repeat this for the other colors stacking the next color over the first like a stack of coins. With your knife looking straight down at the round godet slice off the one eighth of an inch on the left and right side of the circle. You do this so your rainbow will not rock. Then slice once more right down the middle. Separate the two and put in a proper holder and you have two perfect rainbow cakes. This can be done in two minutes for a cost around $5 each. Make sure you put the new cake in a nonstyrene container. Polypropylene is the best container. Ruby Red sells these cheaply on their Ecommerce site.

The nice thing about making these with 2ml paints is you get perfect uniform lines in the rainbow and very little mess. It is fast and with the sixty five plus colors you have no limits!

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