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by Cindy Trusty


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Another GoogleGroups Tip Sheet!
We've all done a post, and thought, "that doesn't apply to ME."  A few weeks or months go by, and suddenly it DOES.  This just happened to me.  Discussion?   Bratz parties.  Yuck--I DESPISE them.  So I pretty much read the notes, but never asked for pictures or details.  What happens this week?  A Bratz party request.
What to do?  I have a couple of choices available to me:
1.  Write to the list and ask someone to forward me the information.
2.  Go to the GoogleGroups "facepainthq" page, and use the search feature. Or you can simply click on the "Browse Archives" link in the Google box above.
I chose the second, and I encourage you all to do the same.  Not because  everyone on the list is mean and doesn't want to help you, but instead, to save you time!  So, before posting regarding something you know has been covered in the past, try doing a search.  It may work, it may not, but it is actually a lot quicker than waiting for a reply!  Here's how to do it:
1.  Go to Google, and click on "Groups." 

2.  Look on the very upper right corner for "Sign in."  Click it, and sign in.
3.  Look on the left side for your "My Recent Groups" listing, and click on FPHQ. 
4.  Look at the upper right corner of your screen.  There will be a "search" box.  Type in a key word, as specific as you can possibly be to limit the number of messages that come back.  Click on "search this group" and it will bring up all the related messages.
5.  Under the search box area you will now see "Sort by Relevance" and "Sort by Date."  I believe it normally defaults to "relevance," but if you know the approximate date of the posting, it might be more helpful to sort that way.
6.  Voila!  All of the notes related to that subject will be displayed.  Many of them may be long threads.  If you have too many results to be helpful, you can search again to try and narrow the results.
I hope this helps you all save some time.  Especially when you are in a hurry, waiting for people to get back to you can seem like forever.  The GoogleGroups search engine only takes a few seconds.   :)


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