Why does Ruby Red charge to make changes
to the so-called free listings?

to pay the $10 administrative fee go to http://rubyredpaint.americommerce.com/store/c/30-SalesPromotions-Gift-Certificates.aspx

A common question is why does Ruby Red Paints charge an "administration fee" to their so-call "free-listings". I will try to answer this question. Among the free listing web pages, you will find www.rubyredpaint.com/hold/painter.htm  (for people to find family entertainers), www.rubyredpaint.com/hold/classes.htm (for people to find classes to learn how to face paint). To pay the administrative fee go to http://rubyredpaint.americommerce.com/store/c/30-SalesPromotions-Gift-Certificates.aspx

What people do not understand is, it takes a great amount of resources in order to maintain the many Ruby Red Paint web pages. As you know the Ruby Red Paint web site has grown to become THE WEBSITE for face painters beginner to pro. Thousands of photos are posted and well over a hundred web pages cover everything from FAQ (frequently asked questions) to step-by-step instructions. We have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours of administrative work to provide these web pages to serve the face painters of the world. This is all done for free at the expense of Ruby Red Paint USA Inc.. No other Ruby Red Paint group contributes. In addition, the e-mail "forum for face painters, beginner to professional, to discuss the art and craft of face painting" and the photo pages are backed by a hand selected team of volunteers that spend literally hundreds of hours to help maintain the list and web pages.

We have also attempted to allow people to use some of the pages as a tool to advertise for free face painting classes, their face painting or family entertainment services or their web pages. At this point these services are offered for a minimal $10.00 for the initial listing and $5.00 for changes or preferred listing. Where we allow these postings to be entered, we expect the correct information to be submitted the first time. We no longer can make corrections, changes, additions, for free when people simply do not follow submitting instructions there is a $5.00 charge. Please be sure to carefully review your submission against the web page that you wanted the information posted to. In most cases the initial posting for classes is free. We only charge for changes at this time. In the past we have made up to six changes to a single listing simply because of error on the submitters part or the fact that they keep changing their e-mail address. We no longer can afford the administrative costs to make these changes.

It is vital that postings to the classes pages be firm bookings. The classes page should not be your marketing tool to help you fill a proposed class. We will post your class for free, but if you later have to cancel the class there is an administrative fee to either remove the class posting or change the date. Again, do not ask for a class to be posted, unless it is a firm booking unless you are willing to pay the administrative fee to have it later removed.

It is likely in the future that we will have to request a modest administrative fee for any posting to any of the pages with the exception of the photo pages. This is inevitable due to the high costs of maintaining these listing web pages. At this point this administrative fee is only to be $5US. If you do not want this to be part of the guidelines for posting, the best thing you can do is to be sure your initial submission for posting is complete and correct. If you want ALL postings to remain free, do your job correct the first time and do not whine when you pay the $5 fee for changes. After all, it is not Ruby Red Paint or its employees that have made you revised your class.

You may request that your link or listing be removed but this required the $5 fee. The fee is required for ANY change, no exceptions.

You may mail in your administrative fee to: Ruby Red Paint USA Inc., 1214 Metro Park Blvd., Suite 201, Lewisville, TX 75057, attn: Administrative fee. Or you may pay your fee on the Ruby Red Paint USA Inc. e-commerce site at the American flag at http://www.rubyredpaint.com . Go to the promotional offers or gift certificates section to pay the fee on-line. The e-commerce is secure. You may also fax or phone in credit card information and the $5 fee can be charged to your American Express, VISA, Master Card or Discover Card.

The $5 administrative fee is a direct result of the high costs of posting, reposting and countless modifications requested for what was at one time a free service. We regret this fee but our choice is to charge a modest fee or remove these pages entirely.


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