Need to switch to the digest version?
by Anne Ardern


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If you want to join the world's largest e-mail discussion list for face painters  then enter your e-mail address in the box to the left. Get connected to beginner and professional face painters from all around the world. Ask literally any face painting question you want and get real answers to help you progress as a face painter. It is free and you will receive tips on how to paint a particular face, how to stop the line when its time to go home or how to build a successful face painting business. Share your photos with others or if you have a need ask for help and the painters will e-mail you a face painting idea for your upcoming event.

Another GoogleGroups Tip Sheet!

To change your membership settings go to;

click on "unsubscribe or change membership"

This will give you four options to choose from,

If you are finding individual emails too much to handle you can choose;
    'abridged' which gives a summery of emails sent that day, if you want to
     read more you click on the email and it takes you to the google site.
    'digest' crams all the days emails into one big email so you can scan through them.
    If you are going on holiday click ' no email' when you return you can reset your preferences
    'email' This will send you the e-mails as they arrive (about 25 to 30 e-mails per day)

I hope this helps you all to adjust your settings to those you are comfortable with.

The other function which maybe of some use to you is the ability to remove your post. again go to;
search for your post; click on it and open it up, click on options/remove.

You can only do this with your posts much as you may want to remove others  ;0 )

I hope this all helps

Anne Ardern

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