The guidelines for drop shipment accounts
by Gary Cole

We love having drop ship accounts. Here are the guidelines in order to sell our products via a drop shipment or bulk business. Please read it from the beginning to the end as it covers everything from our guidelines to steps you take to set up your site. If you have any questions after reading this please contact

The full general guidelines for a wholesale account can be found at If you are just wanting to buy at wholesale the rules are there. The bottom line is you must be buying the product for resale and you must have a federal tax identification number. Go to the link for more information. You must provide some proof you are buying it for resale. Show us your e-commerce site, a photo of your store front or mail us your mailing brochure.

If you wish to be a reseller THE MOST PROFITABLE METHOD IS FOR YOU TO BRING IN INVENTORY AND SHIP THE GOODS YOURSELF. We also understand the high cost of inventory and the hassle of shipping small orders and that is why the drop ship option is so popular. You will get larger discounts and put more money in your pocket by bringing in volume but you still can get considerable earnings by moving a lot of small orders. When we ship on your behalf, we have to charge you for our packaging to ship the goods, our labor to invoice and ship your goods.

If you are wanting to set up a “Drop Ship Account” you must do the following…

1) you must send us your federal tax resale identification number - fax it to 972-221-8625 or e-mail to   TELL US WHEN YOU WERE SET UP and what state for verification purposes.
2) you must give us the link to your e-commerce site or mail us a copy of your mail order catalogue as it is currently set up
3) you then would have to send us the link where you are specifically posting our products
4) you must sell our products at least at a price of 80% of our suggested retail price unless you get a specific variance, in writing, for a special promotion. We do not want people dumping our products on the market or creating a bidding war on our popular products. You may offer monthly promotions or the like but don't get carried away and these must be approved.
5) you must agree to a minimum order of $10
6) you must agree to an additional drop shipment handling charge of $4 for orders under $25
7) you must agree to an additional drop shipment handling charge of $2 for orders over $25
8) you must provide your UPS shipper account number to cover the shipping costs
9) you must agree to the fact we do not accept returns. Once you give us an order we will charge your account and the goods will ship.
10) You must EITHER have a valid credit card on file for us to immediately charge the goods, shipping and handling charges to OR you must send in a check of at least $250 that we can draw from. Once it gets below $50, we will automatically require a replenishment check. If you are a larger company then work with us to set up net 30 day terms.
11) Drop ship accounts are available outside the continental United States (48 contiguous states, not Alaska or Hawaii) but be aware shipping to these locations are very expensive using UPS and you are responsible for all shipping costs.
12) In order to remain as a drop-ship account WE EXPECT A MINIMUM annual purchase of $ 500.00

ONCE YOU HAVE SENT US YOUR TAX-ID INFORMATION AND YOU AGREE TO ALL OF THE ABOVE FOURTEEN ITEMS. You must send us an e-mail stating you agree to the twelve terms above. You may set up your e-commerce site. Select those items you wish to sell on your site. If you are selling our items on your site you are welcome to use our product images at  Once your site is set up, e-mail us your URL for formal approval. Once you receive approval you are free to sell. You are welcome to use our product photos to promote our product line. If you would like a complete UPC/part number/price list send that request to We also can send you a pdf sheet that tells you the top 40 sellers. Each company has strengths. If you tell us your target market we can probably tell you what items sell best in your target range.

NOTE: Conditions can change over time so refer to this web page for updates.

When you get orders send them to  or fax them to 972-221-8625 For orders, we must have your credit card on file or you must have a banked reserve account for us to draw from. This can be sent by fax to 972-221-8625 or by phone.

These are the basic rules. If you have any specific questions, please contact me directly.

Gary Cole
Ruby Red Paints Inc.
1214 Metro Park Blvd. Suite 201
Lewisville, TX 75057

972-221-8625 fax


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