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The discussion list for face painters is set up for face painters from all over the world so that they can discuss in an open forum the art and craft of face painting. Their are a number of controls that are set in place to make sure that the list is not used for SPAM (junk e-mails) and that the members on the list follow the guidelines with the forum.

All new members, or those that are posting for the first time, have their e-mails, sent to the list, "moderated". When we say "moderated", we mean your e-mails are sent to a queue for approval before they are sent on to the full list. We do this purposely because there are many that prey on similar lists so they can broadcast their SPAM, junk mail. All new members or those that got off the list and then got back on, have their mail first go to moderation. Also "problem children" or those that do not follow the list guidelines have their e-mails sent for moderation.

GENERALLY, e-mails that are sent to be moderated have their e-mails approved or rejected in less than 24 hours. If you happen to send in your e-mail over a weekend or a holiday it could take up to three days. This is why sometimes it seems like your e-mails are sent into e-mail hyperspace. Be patient as your e-mail will eventually get approved or rejected. In reality less than 1 in 250 e-mail gets rejected.

If you are a new member, your e-mails are sent for moderation only a few times and then you are switched from being moderated to not being moderated. Once this happens your e-mail will go directly to the list.

If you are not following the list guidelines, the list owner, Gary Cole, or any member of the SNAZAROO discussion list "team" (see ) may have your e-mail address switched from unmoderated to moderated. This would force your e-mail to be checked and approved prior to being sent to the list. This does not happen often, as all it does is cause us more work. Normally you would receive several warnings but this is not promised.

If you use the list to SPAM, be abusive to another list member, fail to follow the list guidelines or in general be a nuisance a team member will suggest your e-mails be moderated. This generally last for a specific length of time (7 to 90 days depending on the severity of your "crime") or for a specified number of submissions (5 to 50). This is up to the team member. Your e-mails can also be permanently blocked for blatant abuse (this has only happened one time). If you are sent to be moderated, you will know it, because you will be told on most occasions. If you do not feel it is fair you may appeal this decision to the arbitrator by sending an e-mail directly to . The bottom line is, were you not following the guidelines to the list (see )?

If you are a new member and you are being moderated just send in a few posts and you will see that you will be switched fairly quickly (assuming your posts are in the guidelines). If you are a "problem child" then you need to continue posting but make sure that you follow all of the guideline during your probation or moderated period. Do this and soon enough you will be switched back to being a "normal" contributing member.

If you have any questions regarding any of this, or request to have your e-mail address switched from moderated to unmoderated either send an e-mail to or to the list owner at . You really need to be a positive contributor to the list. Don't always be negative. Your opinions, even strong ones, are welcome to the list, you simply can not be abusive to other members, try to scam a new list on the back of our list, be abusive to the list sponsor or in general be a trouble maker. If you do not like these guidelines we suggest you find another list to voice your opinion or start your own list.

Gary Cole
list owner

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