A trick for a fast and perfect Rainbow.
Contributed by Heidi Firby, Toronto Canada

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Take the SNAZAROO 18 ml colours you want in your rainbow and with a knife slice the paint, while in the 18ml container. I suggest slices about 3/16ths of an inch (see image 1). If you are using colours like pastel colours, sparkle colours, electric colors we suggest you put them in the freezer for about twenty minutes to make them firm (for the cutting). Prepare an empty 18ml container, slot in your JUMBO empty palette or other suitable container for your strips. Put your knife carefully under the strip of paint and lift it out and place it in the new container (see image 2 and 3).  Continue to cut the desired colours and carefully place them next in the new container. With your knife, snugly push the colours next to each other as straight as possible. We suggest you use six colours. The colours of the rainbow are defined as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo Violet  but you can use any colours you want.  (I have found SNAZAROO to be the easiest to cut in strips)  The colours will soften in application, so bright colours seem to work best.


If desired, spritz your new rainbow pallet with water or moisten sponge (I like to use a cosmetic wedge because they are a firmer sponge and seem to work better for me (see image 5 and 6), drag over the surface of the rainbow pallet.  Make sure you get the paint quite wet.


Apply to skin in a continual sweeping motion (see image 4).  Add your details (photo at the bottom of web page).  I have used several applications side by side on the arm photo (image 8). Get as creative as you want.


This can also be applied to a base to get a softer look.  By varying the colours in your pallet, you can make quick arm & head bands for sporting events.  Red/white/blue for 4th of July or some UK holiday.   


You can also use brushes or larger sponges or for a different effect.


Heidi Firby






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