Should I take the time for risk assessment for my event?
Compiled by Gary Cole - contributions by Julz and Anne


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Risk assessment is a logical check list one can go through to make sure they have considered the potential for everything from personal injury to financial loss. Different individuals approach this is different manners so I have compiled a risk assessment form from many. You pick and choose what works best for you and develop your own. Thanks to all that took the time to send this in.

Contributed by Julz...

Risk assessment form for _______________________________ on ______________


Have I contact name and number for this event Yes / No _______________________
Do I have relevant insurance? Public liability cover YES / No ___________________

Do I have CRB certificates for all artists attending YES / No ____________________

Have I avoided escape exits in setting up? Yes / No ___________________________
Are materials and supplies safe and fit for purpose intended? Yes / No ____________
Are children participating with consent? Yes / No ____________________________
Are our signs clearly visible Yes / No ______________________________________

Do I have a phone in case of emergencies? Yes / No __________________________
Am I aware of the security procedures in event of emergency Yes / No ____________

Access to clean water supply? Yes / No _____________________________________
Am I aware of health and hygiene? Yes / N o ________________________________

Am I aware of the safety of all persons and ourselves around our working area? Yes/ No


Are the table and chairs in use safe for the purpose intended? Yes / No _____________

Am I aware all children must be accompanied or supervised by an adult Yes / No


If photographs are to be taken by me do I have relevant consent Yes / No _____________
If photographs are to be taken by someone else do they have relevant consent? Yes/ No

Signed : Julz O’Sullivan______________________________Date__________



Contributed by Anne Ardern...


Risk Assessment for Small Top Circus; Circus Skills Workshop


The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1992, requires employers to assess the risks faced by their staff at work.  Staff participating in company events are ‘at work’ and therefore the risks associated with these activities need to be assessed and controlled in the same way as other work activities.  A risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what, in the activity concerned, could cause harm to people, so management can ensure appropriate precautions are taken to prevent injury or ill health.  Risk assessment need not be over complicated; generally the hazards in such an event will be few and simple and checking them out should be a relatively simple process.




(or value)


Analyse the activity

(break down into discreet tasks)


Circus skills Workshop

Tight rope



Pedal Gos





Spinning plates















Working space dictates how many participants are included in each session.

One Worker stationed with each set of equipment.

A designated Leader will determine the participants ability to join in each activity, (including assessing footwear and suitable clothing)

Designated leader to ensure participants compliance with safety rules.



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