What is your policy for Safety?
by Helen Eyre

As we have more than five staff working at Cats Whiskers in the UK by law we must have a Heath and Safety Policy and as part of this we have a strategy for personal safety Ė which Iíll share with you all in the hope that it helps you develop your own strategy or at least makes you all consider it before you find yourself in a tricky situation!!

∑ Working in peoples homes:

o Although the Cats Whiskers Face Painting booking procedure confirms that a clients address and telephone number are real and valid, it is no absolute guarantee that the home or location you are entering will be safe.

o Always ensure that a member of your family knows where you are, how to contact you and what time you are expected to return. Always carry your mobile phone.

o If you do not feel safe in any situation. Leave immediately. If you feel that you are personally under threat, leave your kit behind and get out to a secure location. Your kit can be replaced but you can not.

o Agree a system of warning with a member of your family so that if you do not feel comfortable in any situation you can contact them and express this without putting yourself in danger. We would suggest that you use a traffic light system e.g. If you enter an environment and feel in danger but can not leave, call or text your contact and advise them that you have forgotten your red paint. This would indicate to your contact that you are in danger and to come and pick you up immediately. If you were uncomfortable, but didnít feel under any immediate threat you should call/text and advise them that you have forgotten your yellow paint. This would indicate that they should call you back in five minutes to check that you were OK. When they call if all is well you can say that youíve found your green paint or that you have actually lost your red paint (come and get me).

∑ Aggressive Behavior

o If anyone is aggressive towards you always stay calm, be courteous and polite.

o Involve the Party Organizer or Store/Restaurant Manager immediately or if they are the aggressors, advise them that they must contact Helen Eyre on 07768 315415 immediately to resolve any issues.

o When working at outside events keep the organizers contact number with you so that you can call them and ask them to come to your location to resolve any issues.

∑ Collecting Money

o Only use a bum bag or bag that is secured to your waist to collect money at pay per face events. Try to be as discrete as possible about the money that you have in your bag and never count it in the open where the public can see you.

o When you have finished working, if you have any concerns about your safety, particularly if you will be walking any distance alone to your car, secure the money bag in the bottom of your kit box.

o At parties or events where you are collecting money, put it safely in your kit box as soon as you receive it.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes
Helen Eyre

Professional face and body painting artists.

Also specializing in: Henna, Casualty Makeup, Balloon Modelling and Training Workshops.

Tel: 01454 806349 / 0117 370 6147 Web: www.catswhiskers.biz

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