What is the shelf life of the Ruby Red Paint face paints?

Ruby Red Paint states the shelf life of the face paints to be eighteen months from the time you remove the protective cover from the paints. This is assuming you store the paints properly in a dry cool location. We suggest you store the paints in an area where the temperature is below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be a dry area, out of direct sunlight and free from dust.

In reality, they generally will last much longer, but over time, the paints will start to dry out and start to crack. This is sometimes also described as the paints getting grainy. Generally if you wet them, they will be fine but we still suggest you use the paints within eighteen months from the time you remove the protective cover for best results. Before you toss them we suggest you add water and attempt to work the water into the cake.

Another option which we do not encourage is to add a few drops of propylene glycol or glycerin to the cake. Both of these can be purchase at most drug stores in the cosmetic section near the rubbing alcohol. Both of these are FDA compliant and safe for use in cosmetics. Both of these ingredients are great for absorbing moisture on the skin and adding flexibility to make up. It is discouraged, because if you add too much you can substantially increase the chances of an allergic reaction. It is best you toss the paints if they are too dry and purchase more. Never add any additional ingredient to the paints that you are not perfectly sure about.

If they are stored in an area where it is hot, or in direct sunlight, or if they freeze, you might notice some discoloration on the paint's surface. Even then, the paints are generally fine as long as you mix the brush or sponge, on the paint's surface with a little water. If your paints are drying out we suggest you add a few drops to the surface and allow it to absorb into the paints. Continue to do this until you feel they are in a good moisture state for painting with.

If when you purchase the paints, they look dry then they have probably been stored improperly at the store level. You should never see the paints with a cracked appearance coming from the store.

Some colors tend to dry up a bit faster than other colors due to the nature of the pigments in those colors. This applies to colors such as bright green, grass green, orange and bright yellow. Even then, they should last well past the eighteen month period.

There are a lot of brands on the market and these rules do not apply to every brand. There are some brands that have no preservatives and the shelf life can easily be just a few months. If the paints are smelling bad or musty they are or have gone bad and you should discard them.



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