How do I switch the size of my photos?
by Jean, Lisa, Gary and Hugz


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Most computers come with some basic photo or image editors. Common ones are Microsoft "Paint", Dell "Image Expert" or the like. If you look at your programs you are almost certain to find a fairly easy to use editing program. If you did your search and did not find such a program go to . In the search area enter the words "photo editor". You will find many that are FREE. You do not need to buy one when these simple programs will do your basic editing like cropping, shrinking and the like. If you get a simple program then you do not have to be a computer geek to be able to figure them out. There are programs out there that will allow you to make complex editing to photos but that is not what this FAQ is about.

For MAC users it's a bit different - this is what I do from iPhoto:

select the image
go to the "Share" menu
select "Export"
When the "Export" window comes up, it will give you the option to "scale images no larger than" and you can insert numbers for width and height.
If you just insert one number it automatically calculates the second number for you with the same ratio (doesn't skew the image).

Anything from 640x480 and down is more than sufficient for a screen shot and will reduce your image to 100KB or less (or 480x640 for tall pics).
I usually just use 320 for the width number (it posts a bit smaller picture for the list but still bigger than what will be displayed if you're submitting to the photo contests) and they come out fine - it makes about a 50KB file.

By using the export button you don't change your original photo, you're making a copy.
I save all these in a "Small pictures" folder that I can easily access to post online or attach to email if I want.

WEBSITE HINT: If you are including pictures on your site & have not downsized you are bogging down your site. It will run much faster than it does now if you get the size of your pictures down. This is also a simple method some folks use to charge for pictures from events. If you only post a 100x100 picture it will be about 1.5" square on the web & if that's all they want they can have it... but if they want it any bigger they have to request the full size file from you. If you've ever tried to enlarge a picture saved at 100x100 resolution, it's very blurry.

I'm sure there are ways of doing this with other programs, but i don't know them!

Here's some sample pics of what I'm talking about... Please excuse the art - it's my first attempt at a Jamiesonesque butterfly.
This is a tall picture, so I inserted 640 as the height (108 KB):

Here's the same picture 320 tall (44KB):

Here it is 100 wide (I think it was about 120 tall - 20KB):

So, this is probably way more info than a lot of you need.
I hope it helps somebody.

Probably the easiest way is to use a program that anyone running
Windows should have.  Use Paint.  Just Open you Paint program (usually
found in your programs accessories folder).
Click on File then on Open....then browse for the picture you need to
Once it opens click on Image then Stretch/Skew.
Change the Stretch horizontal from 100 to 25, and the same for the
vertical....Do Not adjust the Skew.  Click OK.
Now click on File, then Save As enter a name for your file, and select
the file type as JPEG... this reduces the file size without sacrificing
photo quality. Just as an example of the reduction in file size, this
will reduce a 1 MB file down to about 26 KB


A fabulous, and free program, for people to use to resize images is Photofiltre.... available in multiple languages.

After downloading open a file and browse for your image, when your photo shows, click on image on top menu and find image size, a box opens and gives you the info needed to see how big your file is I like to resize using cm, being an Aussie but you can do it in inches, or pixels, if you click preserve aspect ratio, and resize to say 15cm, and make sure resolution is 72. Don't forget to save with a new name or you will overwrite your original. I usually rename it with resized eg tigerface resized, butterfly purple resized so that if I ever want to print these photos I still have the original high resolution photo.

I hope this is of some use to you all




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