How can I make a good display sign for kids to select their faces?
by Tamara Cramer of Montrose MI


I have solved the problem for creating a display sign. I wanted to show the children, the range of faces my workers and I can provide. I would like to share my findings on my project, with those on the SNAZAROO FAQ list. I hopes this  will provide help to new face painters. 

I do most of my painting at outdoor events.  Some of my concerns  were:
1.  The sign needed to be portable, and fit in my small car.
2.  The sign needed to be sturdy, or weighted, to withstand the wind and the occasional bump from a child. We didn't want it falling over all the time and certainly didn't want the sign falling on someone. It was also necessary to have it light weight enough to manage.
3.  The sign needed to be waterproof, so that a few sprinkles, to a good rain wouldn't damage my paint and/or photographs.

solution: (or should I say economic solution):
I have two types of display boards. 

One is of photographs taken with a  digital camera and printed on the computer, I used my software program to  label them and put frames around them to give them a more "professional look".

My second board is of the painted "cheek art". I put my pictures on a black regular poster board; not the kind with the foam in the middle,  just regular; and tacked them down with a glue stick.  I then took it to a laminator; it cost $6 to have a regular large sized poster board laminated; same thing with the "cheek art". I painted it up on regular white large poster board and had it laminated. (The board with foam in the middle doesn't fit through the lamination machine).

Then, you can either create 2 signs, one for each board, or place them back to back. For this, you need a large coffee can and a fairly light board, such as pine, about " x 2" and about 48" long, cement the board into the coffee can,  attach a long sticky glue backed piece of velcro to the board, then attach the other side of the velcro to the a large poster board that does have the foam core in the middle, then using more velcro, attach the laminated poster to the foam core board.  Very, portable, very light weight, easily assembled and unassembled, waterproof, and inexpensive.  You can also paint the coffee  cans to prevent rusting, which is recommended. To make them look more appealing, you can use any fabric and make a "slip cover". Slide these over the can with holiday, or facepainting themes on the fabric. If you prefer, inexpensive plastic buckets can be substituted for the coffee can, this eliminates the worry for rust. This same process, can be used for hanging banners too. Use two buckets and cement the pole or plastic pipe (6 to 8 foot tall) into the bucket. Once the cement dries, drill holes through the plastic piping and hang the banner using plastic slip ties.

Have fun, making your own!

Tamara Cramer

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