SNAZAROO and "staining" of clothing
Things to consider and some hints - by Gary Cole of SNAZAROO USA Inc.

From time to time we get e-mails concerned about what to do about the problem of staining and fabrics. Where we make no guarantees about staining we hope this FAQ will help you out should you have a problem in getting SNAZAROO onto your clothing. We encourage all to take care as to avoid getting the face paints on your clothing. WE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGED FABRICS DUE TO FACE PAINTS OR BY FOLLOWING ANY OF THESE SUGGESTIONS. We offer this page only as an aid.

The key is proper care as fast as possible to help resolve the problem. One year at the large Halloween and Party Show I wore a white SNAZAROO 100% cotton polo shirt. I had my face painted red, white and black to look like Spiderman. I painted my full neck also. So I wore this face for nine hours that day and of course the red and black was being constantly rubbed into my nice white shirt. Despite the fact that SNAZAROO is very easy to get off the skin I left little hope that all of that bright red would come out of my shirt. My wife felt we had nothing to lose so she sprayed the liquid product "Shout it Out" on the area of the red stain. She then washed it in a normal wash using cold water. To my surprise 100% of the color came out. With that said we do not guarantee you will have the same results.

I think the key factor is the cold wash. If you was in hot water you will set the color and it will never come out. I would even avoid warm water.

I would also suggest you never wear any type of cosmetics around any expensive or problematic fabrics. Silks and similar fabrics absorb pigments. Avoid these materials. I would highly avoid getting any colored product near such an item as a white wedding dress. You are only looking for trouble with such fabrics.

Here are also a number of other suggestions sent out from others. You use the one you think will work best for you.

1) To get black paint out of clothing…..vigorously rub regular vegetable oil into it before washing, then rub Dawn dishwashing detergent on it before putting it into the washer.  The oil has something to do with breaking up the black paint.  I've gotten those black stains out where they wouldn't come out before.

2) I have a tried (many times) and true way of getting stains out gently. I even use it on needlework (embroidery). Take two parts Ivory Snow (not flakes) and one part Snowy Bleach (only this brand) and mix them in water-- enough water so that that the solution is quite soapy--exact proportions aren't necessary. Soak the stained item. For a bad stain, you can soak it up to two weeks. (I've heard that you can for longer than this, but two weeks is the most I've done.) I have had this get out incredible stains without changing the colors of the embroidery floss or fabric. It's MUCH gentler than Clorox

3) Continue each step until the stain is removed. Soak in cold water for 30 minutes. Work liquid laundry detergent into the area and allow to stand 30 minutes. Rinse. Don't use bleach if you suspect rust, otherwise bleach according to type of fabric. Launder using regular cycle with hot or warm water. Soak stain overnight in enzyme presoak and launder. Sponge stain with dry cleaning fluid. Let stand 20 minutes. Rub with detergent, rinse, and launder. If fabric can be bleached, mix equal parts chlorine bleach and water and apply with eye dropper. On wool, silk or spandex sprinkle with oxygen bleach, dip quickly in hot water, do not agitate and launder. If stain still remains, take it to the dry cleaners and identify the stain and report what you have previously done. Some stains ARE NOT removable. Sorry!

Gary Cole


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