Making Stencils
by Donna Nowak

 Supplies needed: 
  * Hard cutting surface - here I have 1/4 inch glass with rounded edges. 
  * Tape to hold material down
  * Marker to draw design on material 
OR  place your design under the glass (you can see it and keep the  master   copy)(never cut stencil material ontop of design paper - causes dragging on stencil material)
   * Stencil Material - paper, card boards, foamies, lamiantes, mylar-plastic   (not to thick)
   * Cutting Tools - electric stencil burner with sharp tip or razor knife  or both.
I drew the design in on the material.  Using the burner, keep the handle straight up  (use that tip) and cut on glass.  Do not hold burner like a pencil, it causes you to use the fatter part of the tip and not achieve those thin crisp lines.  
   ** I like to use the burner for those curvy designs. 
   **  Razor are great for straight lines - use metal rulers to help
 The burner will have residue build up on the tip and you must clean it.  Here I scrap it on the glass edge.     


The design is under the glass.  You can see it just fine and not ruin it.  Keep the burner straight while I trace the body of the lady bug.   Moving too slow will create wiggles - your heart beat lines.  Remember to clean the tip!
This bug will have two sections for separate applications.
DO NOT DO THIS - Notice the tip difference when it's held like a pencil.  Keep it straight up!  
The razor cut.  Remember these tips: 
 * Razors are made to drag - NOT ride the tip!  That is why it's an angled blade. 
 * You hold this one like a pencil 
 *  Dragging towards you is smoother control. 
 *  it's okay to move your glass for better alignment.
 *  a firm press on the glass cuts really nice. 
  * if it is not cutting through your blade might be dull
  * if it is not cutting through you might not be pressing hard enough
Some tricks to stencils is understanding the design. This Lady Bug you can see the red body and the black parts of the body separate yet on the same stencil. This way colors will not run together and is a two step application.

I sprayed the body first - reds, pinks and yellows. Then I aligned the black section on top of the body, sprayed it black and kept the background body protected. Then added glitter for that WOW.

Once you get the idea of making stencils then you'll enjoy the complexity of some designs. How do you make a doughnut with the hole stencil? Remember the inside lines don't float, they need attaching lines. There are always tricks to making stencils. Enjoy the one step simple designs and try later the layering stencils.

Remember some designs are copy written!

Written by Donna Nowak
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