FAQ - Shellac in Ruby Red Paints?? This will explain.

Ruby Red Paints offers you literally the safest face paint brand in the world. We do not use any ingredients that are not fully cosmetic compliant and approved by the FDA for use in cosmetics. Our products even have a child toy safety rating. With this said, we often get concerned emails when they see the word "shellac" in the list of ingredients. First of all, you should notice that the word "shellac" is in the section named "may contain" and you will find this ingredient only in the ten colors of the UV/black light line. It is literally an ingredient that is present with the FDA cosmetic compliant UV or black light reactive pigments. There is only one factory in the world that has FDA compliant UV pigments. Anyone in the world that offers a UV face paint color is buying this same pigment from this same factory. The mild shellac coating is used to make a barrier around the very fine UV colored pigments. It holds the color pigments together and also helps to make the colors really pop when exposed to the UV/black light. You will not find shellac in our classic line of face paints or in the pearls or metallic colors.

Just for the record there are multiple types of shellac. You should not confuse the shellac used in cosmetics with the shellac used to coat wooden furnature or pianos. Cosmetic grade shellac is widely used in mascara, lipsticks, nail polish, hair spray. In many cases it is also used as a barrier to some pigments in an effort to lower the possible risks of an allergic reaction to a particular colored pigment or die. In some cases it helps to lock in the color in the pigment to make it appear bolder and not be diluted by other ingredients that might be in the formulation. Shellac is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. You will often find a mild coat of shellac on certain pills. It is generally used to delay the dissolving of pill until it reaches a certain part of the digestive process. It also can be used on a pill to make a barrier to an unpleasant taste on the pill. Shellac is also used in the production of some candies to prevent melting, minimize stickiness or to reduce the transfer of color. So if shellac is safe for you to consume it certainly should be safe for you to use on your skin.

Shellac used to coat our pigments is composed of hydroxyaliphatic acids and alicyclic acids. It has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for over one hundred years. In the cosmetic industry there have been no known reactions with the use of shellac. Shellac NF is food grade and is listed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Shellac has been known to be used in cosmetics long before the 1989 Cosmetic Act. In that act, it was again approved for use in cosmetics.

If you have further safety questions refer to www.rubyredpaint.com/safety.htm or send an email to gary@rubyredpaint.com


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