(other areas also available but ask for more information,  updated March 2014)


The purpose of the Ruby Red face painting lectures, are to promote both quality and safe face painting skills in the area of Canada, United States and Mexico. Classes can be taught outside North America but they are done on an exception basis. This service is to help face painters, both beginners and professionals improve their skills. This service is also to help the hundreds of Ruby Red resellers promote the Ruby Red product range and to build their local customer base. These free classes, can be requested by both Ruby Red consumers, amusement parks and wholesale customers. While we have offered these free classes since 2000. We have modified the guidelines through the years because some have taken advantage of our generosity. Please make sure you read the guidelines in full before proceeding with scheduling a lecture. There are some clearly defined minimum requirements. This web page is designed to help explain the guidelines for each and also help you to decide what classes are best for your area. If you have any questions, call or e-mail the Ruby Red office gary@rubyredpaint.com to find out more information on getting these classes in your area. The important thing for you is THESE CLASSES ARE FREE OF CHARGE, in most cases.

There are many fantastic face paint instructors in the world but most are charging those that attend hundreds of dollars per participant. We offer our classes for free in most incidents. The classes are part of our marketing. The logic is that all marketing is cost effective. Like all marketing the hope is that the ultimate sales for goods sold at the event will justify in profits to at least break even in the costs to come and do your event. No one has taught more beginner face painters in the world than Gary Cole. Whether you use our services or not be aware of what your objectives are in bringing on an instructor. Gary focuses on the basics to get a novice from zero to face painting during the course of the three hours of instruction. You might find some great face painters but it is a different skillset to teach. It is of little value to have a highly talented face painter teach advanced skills to a beginner. It is like the math teacher trying to teach trigonometry to a third grader. It becomes little value. Whoever you invite to teach, make sure they are taking your students from point A to point B.

Our lecture series resume has grown quite a bit and there simply is not room to list them all but here are some of the locations where we have taught Ruby Red sponsored face painting classes... COAI (Clowns of America), Clowns Canada (Toronto), ACE (Association of Christian Entertainers, FABAIC - Face Painting International Face Painting Convention,  Caperucita (Monterrey, Mexico), Sonborns (Mexico City,  Mexico), Halloween and Party Show (Chicago), Circus Magic (Virginia), TCA (Texas Clown Association), WRCA (Western Regional Clown Association)  and many more. We have literally taught these classes all over the USA and Canada and in several locations in Mexico. In 2007 alone we taught more than 5000 people how to face paint. These classes are available for church groups, clown organizations, arts and craft events, amusement parks, Zoos, fun raising groups and any group actually interested in learning how to face paint. No group or individual has taught more beginners how to face paint than we have.

Our professional training for amusement venues continues to grow. For example we have trained at the Phoenix, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Como and Binder Park Zoos. We have trained at the Mystic Seaport (CT) and Shedd (IL) Aquariums. We have trained at Lego Land, Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland, Sea World, Navy Pier (IL), Mystic Seaport and the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. In each venue we prepared location specific faces and trained staff on how to paint those faces. We can prepare a custom training program for your location.

Some unsolicited quotations...

"Thank you so much for coming and teaching our clown club! I know a lot of great face painters, and I know a lot of great trainers, but not so many that are in both groups. You qualify for both."

Tom Plith
Omaha, NE Clown-Dom Group

"The face painting workshop I attended by Gary Cole at Circus Magic was SO beneficial!  His training on painting full faces was clear, concise, and easy to understand.  He included hands-on practice which was essential for me as a beginner.  The thing that made Gary's presentation so unique and useful for me, however, was that he gave me the framework and the practical tips necessary to start a successful business right off the bat.  My company is growing extremely fast due in large part to Gary's fantastic faces and his solid business and marketing advise.  I've been to many face painting workshops, and in my opinion, he is truly THE expert in the field.  Thanks a million, Gary!"

Tom Shenk (Virginia) owner, A-1 Party Faces & Balloons, Virginia Beach, VA

"Our group was amazed with the information you were able to include and the ease with which you painted. You have indeed turned our face painting world upside down!"

Helen Houston (Tennessee)

"Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you profusely for your excellent class. I was amazed that you held our normally short attention spanned actors attention. We have been doing gang-buster face painting and so much so we had to add a third painter. We already ordered more make up and the kids are just loving it. Thanks to you we have some really fine painters and more getting experience as the days go by. You really have given them an invaluable skill that will increase their possibilities of employment. I thank you again."

Donna Kress, Creative Manager Navy Pier Entertainment    Chicago, Il

Guidelines for individuals, clown organizations and other similar organizations...

Contract for Ruby Red Paint lectures                                                                                                          .
Ruby Red Paints, Inc. will provide a lecture for ________________________________________ (the name of your organization) in the city of _____________________________ to be held on the date of __________________during the hours of ______________. The primary contact for this event is ____________________________________________________ with phone number _______________________________ and e-mail address of ___________________________. The location of the lecture will be at ___________________________________________. Credit card is required for potential charges if you fail to have at least  25 adults,  interested in learning how to face paint.     Credit card _______________________________name on card _________________________, expiration _____________ security code ______________. Signature of card owner for approval… _________________________________________________

SELECT A or B                                                                      
A              _____ This lecture will be open to the public and posted to www.rubyredpaint.com/hold/classes.htm and/or other web sites or
B              _____ This lecture will be a private event, not open to the public.  RUBY RED PAINTS desires, when possible, that classes be open to the public. Public events provide a more logical avenue for RUBY RED PAINTS to cover the cost of travel to these events. You have agreed to pay up front  $300 or the cost of airfare (whichever is higher) which is nonrefundable.       If you are not currently using  RUBY RED PAINTS products then  other conditions apply which  may include   either you agreeing to the full travel costs for your event or a minimum purchase of  $1500  (at wholesale) of RUBY RED PAINTS products.  All other conditions, listed below, also apply to private classes.  If you are expected to pay all travel costs for a private class, you will be notified in writing and you will be required to respond, in writing, you agree to the travel costs. The $300 applies even if we drive to your event.

There has been given a deposit of $ 500 in order to reserve this date on the lecture calendar. Once received and the airfare to this event has been purchased, you may not change or cancel the event for any reason and receive in return your deposit. This date will not be reserved until the contract is signed and submitted and the deposit is received. The plane ticket is GENERALLY booked 21 days in advance (or more) to get low airfare rates. If the airfare portion of the ticket exceeds $500, the host/hostess agrees to pay the documented variance if it exceeds the $500 budget for airfare. Our desire is to post public classes to www.rubyredpaint.com/hold/classes.htm . If the airfare is going to exceed the budget the host/hostess is advised PRIOR to booking and they may opt to cancel the lecture. The general guidelines for a RUBY RED PAINTS lecture can be found at http://www.rubyredpaint.com/lecture.htm and this URL helps you understand the possibilities for your event. This contract and not the guidelines at this link, are legally binding. Specific questions or concerns regarding your event should be addressed directly to Gary Cole at gary@rubyredpaint.com  As soon as the signed contract and deposit is received, the date will be held and reserved. We DO NOT hold the date until BOTH are received. You will be notified your date was approved in writing. From that point, you may select the desired format for your particular lecture. In other words, within reason, you can select the topic(s) to be taught, the length for each topic etc. On the guidelines page, there are many suggested guidelines for the classes to be offered, their length of time. Customized classes can be discussed specific to your group’s needs. The closer you tie the classes to your needs, the greater the results will be for your organization. You need to firm up all classes a month before the event. Since we travel at our expense, some flexibility must be there in order for us to meet flight schedule or other travel arrangements. Actual classes should be firmed up four to six weeks in advance. For public events, RUBY RED PAINTS will travel to your location, at their expense, and teach these classes at no expense to your group within reason. For private classes there is a minimum charge of $300. If you have hands-on teaching then you are responsible for the materials for that portion of the class. Hands-on classes will substantially slow down the pace of learning. We suggest lecture format over a hands-on format. Classes in remote locations like Alaska, Hawaii or the like most likely will exceed pricing parameters and are not available on a fully free basis. Check with Gary to ensure your location meets the logical pricing parameters.

You have agreed to have a MINIMUM of twenty five adults to be there for the duration the class is taught, interested in learning how to face paint. The minimum twenty-five people must be of the age 18 or above, actually interested in learning more about face painting and the count of 25 must remain in the class for the length of the course OR YOU FORFIET YOUR DEPOSIT.  We make a head count of adults at 15 minutes into the lecture, at the midpoint and at the end of the lecture.  We may literally do an IPhone video shoot of those in attendance and this will be verification of your class count. The host/hostess of the event has the obligation to get the required count for the lecture period or forfeit the deposit. Weather, traffic or other “hardship conditions” do not negate the minimums. WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE offering meals, alcohol or payment of any kind as enticement for individuals to come just to meet the count. Children or teens that attend or are painted as part of the demonstration do not count toward the minimum number of attendees. You are responsible to have models, preferably children, to be painted during the lecture. On the date of the event, if there are not twenty-five people present for the length of the class (as defined), then your organization would forfeit the full amount of the deposit. The deposit would be applied to the travel costs. If the organization or the primary contact reschedules the event, after an airline ticket is purchased, any addition "change fees" (for example to change an airline ticket) will be at the expense of the organization. All bookings or reserved dates are based on a first come, first served basis. Should a conflict occur, that is beyond the control of RUBY RED PAINTS, the limit of RUBY RED PAINTS's liability is the return of the deposit. We desire that these lectures be open to the public to increase attendance. A credit card or check must also be on file for the following… If there are less than 20 adults present the host/hostess agrees they will pay $100 (in addition to losing your deposit) to RUBY RED PAINTS to help cover travel costs. If there are less than 15 then this fee is increased to $200. In other words, the host/hostess understands that Ruby Red Paints is hoping to cover the travel costs by sales at the event. When the host/hostess fails to fill the class, then these fees help Ruby Red Paints to justify the travel expenses. Bottom line is, as an example, if there are only 14 adults present in the class then they forfeit their deposit PLUS their deposit check will be cashed OR the additional $200 is automatically charged to the credit card on file. By signing this contract, the host/hostess agrees to the stated potential ADDITIONAL charges for low adult counts.

Your group agrees to allow RUBY RED PAINTS or the agent of its choice to come and sell RUBY RED PAINTS products. The host or group sponsoring the lecture must be approved as a vendor if they wish to sell product. RUBY RED PAINTS gets to decide who will be the seller of products at lectures. There might be a minimum purchase requirement for RUBY RED PAINTS vendors. No other brand of product may be sold at this event (ask for exceptions such at clown conferences). For public events we will post this event to the class page at http://www.rubyredpaint.com/hold/classes.htm and invite others to attend. You may charge a minimal at-the-door fee for those not associated with your group to help pay your class room overhead. A suggested amount is not to exceed $10 to $15. If you are expecting more than fifty people you may opt to not allow others to attend. All expenses, in regards to the securing of a location, furnishing, etc. are to be at the expense of the host organization and not RUBY RED PAINTS. All responsibilities in this regard are free from constraints to RUBY RED PAINTS. Gary Cole and RUBY RED PAINTS are held harmless from any legal action from the event. We suggest you secure a location that will hold the expected number of attendees. We suggest you provide a high chair for face painting so the group can see the actual face painting. It is expected that attendees from the event will allow their faces to be painted in the demonstrations. It is suggested that your location have comfortable seating, climate control, adequate lighting etc. This is your event and not RUBY RED PAINTS's. You assume any liability should an accident occur. For example, should an individual trip over a chair at the event, RUBY RED PAINTS would not be liable. Photos are allowed but no recordings of any type are allowed without the signed approval of Gary Cole at RUBY RED PAINTS. There is no requirement for purchase for those that attend the lecture. If it is a hands-on class then all participants MUST BE USING RUBY RED PAINTS products. After your event you are required to request a refund of your deposit. You must tell us to whom the check should be made out to and where it should be mailed. Refund requests should be made my mail or e-mail within 120 days of the event. After this, your deposit is forfeited. Any variations to this contract must be given in writing and signed by RUBY RED PAINTS. New vendors must make a minimum purchase prior to the event. If we have already taught a free class in your area, a follow-up class would be booked based on previous results. If we were unable to recover costs through sales we most likely would wish the host to contribute toward the expenses and time to teach the class. If it is a private class, not open to the public, expect to pay for most of the costs for travel.

I agree to all of the above. I recognize that I will forfeit my deposit if I fail to meet the count of 25 adults as explained above and additional potential charges will be automatically charged to my credit card on file if I fail below 20 or below 15 in attendance as explained. Those present must attend with a good faith real interest in learning how to face paint and I sign this document as an authorized representative of the group.  

signed _________________________________________________________ print name ___________________________________________________________________________________
print organization's name _______________________________________ print your full address ______________________________________________________________________________
phone if other than above ______________  cell phone for the day of the event _______________________e-mail if other than above ________________________________________________
No one other than Gary Cole can make any changes to this contract or scheduled lectures. Any changes will be clearly documented.

You will receive an email conformation if your contract and deposit has been received. You will receive a written confirmation that your date and time has been accepted.


 Lecture, page 2, READ as this is important!

It is important that you understand YOUR OBLIGATION in regard to this contract. In this industry it is unheard of that a company like RUBY RED PAINTS would send out a company representative at their expense to come and teach a FREE class in your part of the country. Our competitors charge $100 to $300 per person for this service. Most also require you to pay 100% of the travel costs. For us, we see it as good marketing. We know if we give you proper training you will be face painting much quicker and most likely you will be a loyal RUBY RED PAINTS customer from now on. We want to get your skills up and going as fast as possible. Our lecturer keeps it simple, basic and step-by-step. Other artists that teach often have an agenda and that is for you to see how good of a face painter they are. In our case, we are more interested in giving you the skills to be a face painter as fast as possible. We have trained at major amusement parks all over North America, at face painting conferences around the world and at venues of all types. The emphasis is getting you to the next level in your face painting. No one, in the world, has taught more beginner face painters than Gary Cole. The theory here, which is backed by statistics, is if you actually have a minimum of twenty-five adults there that are interested in learning how to face paint. We then will sell enough product in order to justify the travel expenses. Statistics prove this. Traveling to such an event costs, on average, about $750 to $1000 when you consider airfare, one night stay in a hotel, a rental car etc. and this does not count the two days we lost in coming to do your event. IF THIS IS A PRIVATE EVENT THEN THE TRAVEL COSTS NEED TO BE COST JUSTIFIED.  If you want any future opportunities like this then you have to do your part. IT IS 100% YOUR OBLIGATION to get the minimum of 25 adults in good faith. We do not want you to bring in people not interested just to reach your count of 25. There are no exceptions. Your forfeited deposit will be applied to travel expenses.  we will cover our travel costs. MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT YOU JUST SIGNED! Let us know if you have any questions. If you have any questions, send them to gary@rubyredpaint.com NOONE OTHER THAN GARY COLE CAN MAKE AGREEMENTS OR CHANGES TO THE RUBY RED PAINTS LECTURE.

If you need help in getting your count of 25 then here are a few suggestions… 1) Make sure your class is posted at www.rubyredpaint.com/hold/classes.htm as soon as possible. 2) Look at the yellow pages in your area for a professional clown. Call them up. Clowns tend to be organized into local groups called “Clown Alleys”. Ask them for the local president and call them. Tell them RUBY RED PAINTS will be in the area teaching free classes and if they know of our classes they often can fill your class. 3) Contact the PTA and those at church groups that handle children’s activities. They are always seeking help for their face painting booth. This is the perfect opportunity to get them trained. 4) Call the local amusement parks, zoos and the like and tell them of the class as they will send staff. 5) Post the class around town in libraries, YMCA’s, community centers, churches, childcare centers and the like. Print up a letter size sign (we can even send you the artwork) with the date, time and location for the class. The bottom line is you have to do your part to actually get 25 adults there for the full length of the event that are interested in learning how to face paint. PLEASE do your part and fill the class as discussed. 6) Make sure your class is posted to www.rubyredpaint.com/hold/classes.htm as soon as possible. 7) Post an 8.5 x 11” sign up in logical places around town several weeks prior to your event.


There must be a minimum of twenty five adults (over 18) that will be at the event for Ruby Red to come at their expense. These must be adults actually interested in learning more about face painting that plan on attending the entire event. Because travel expenses are so high, we require you to make a $500 deposit to hold your event date. If your event is to be private, then additional fees might apply. Read the contract for more details. If we show up and twenty five adults (18 or older) are there, then you receive your full deposit in return. If less than 25 people are there then you lose your full deposit. There are additional penalties if your count falls below 20 or 15. Read the contract on this. Once your deposit is received and plane tickets are purchased, no changes are allowed unless you pay for all changes (for example, the cost to switch the plane ticket). You must sign the contract found at http://www.rubyredpaint.com/PDF/lecture.pdf  You must provide a suitable location for the event. You must allow us to invite a local Ruby Red reseller to come and sell product. If there is not a local supplier, then Ruby Red reserves the right to bring products for sale. No purchases are required. See the contract for the full guidelines.

NOTE: IT IS KEY THAT YOU SELECT YOUR TRAINING DATE AND GET IT RESERVED. DATES FILL UP QUICKLY ESPECIALLY AT PEAK POINTS IN THE YEAR. WE DO NOT RESERVE A DATE UNTIL WE AGREE ON A DATE, WE HAVE YOUR DEPOSIT IN HAND AND WE HAVE YOUR SIGNED CONTRACT.  Once we have all three we will notify you by e-mail your date is reserved. If you are interested in a specific date then e-mail gary@rubyredpaint.com and tell us one or two dates that you prefer for your event. We then will approve one of your dates or give you our full schedule for that time period to allow for other options. WE PREFER to have classes during the week. They can be during the day or in the evening.

First things first.

1) Decide you can actually get together a group of twenty-five adults interested in learning how to face paint.
2) Decide WHEN you would like to have your event. We suggest you select three possible dates and e-mail them to gary@rubyredpaint.com or provide an eight week window and we will e-mail you our available schedule. Nail down your date as early as possible as classes are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. You need to normally book your event a MINIMUM of 21 days in advance.
3) Send in your signed contract to hold your date. See the forms in PDF format at www.rubyredpaint.com/PDF/lecture.pdf
4) Mail in your deposit or provide a credit card to hold your date
5) Select the time period and what classes you would like taught.
6) Tell us the location for the event and all contact information so we can post it at www.rubyredpaint.com/hold/classes.htm
7) Let us know if you are allowing others to attend or if this is a private event
8) Make sure you discuss vendor options for your event. If you are an active authorized reseller then you can be the vendor.
9) Are you going to charge an at-the-door fee? If so tell us what that is. You can use this to help rent a room, buy refreshments, give door prizes or as a fund raiser for your group. We come for free but if you are charging an at-the-door fee then we would like you to help with some of the travel expenses such as the hotel for the event.
10) If you are doing the vending, then we suggest you ask us our suggested inventory as we teach these classes all the time and we know what generally sells. Let us help you have a successful event.
11) If we have taught at your location/venue before in the previous two year period and the results were poor, then we reserve the right to decline your event or have you help pay for the travel expenses.

If you are an amusement location like a zoo, aquarium or the like then the rules are slightly different. These attractions generally require more work. For these locations the objective is generally to teach staffing how to paint in the park. Generally these take much more effort than simply teaching a two or three hour lecture. There are occasions where we will come to your location and teach but generally you will get best results when we do part lecture and part in the park hands-on training with staff. One of the requirements is you must be using Ruby Red products in the park or you will be planning on using Ruby Red in your park. We will not train your staff with another brand of paint because we will not accept the liability of allergic reactions from the other brand. No other brand has the safety rating and high standards of Ruby Red Paint. A free lecture will generally consist of fifteen minutes of safety training, fifteen minutes of basic sponge and brush application followed with a hour and a half of fast face painting demonstrations with designs specific for your venue (for example zoo animals for a zoo). We then would go into the park with your staff, for the next hour, and would practice the faces taught while the Ruby Red representative walks around critiquing and further teaching one on one. IN MOST CASES, WE WILL REQUIRE YOU TO PAY FOR THE TRAVEL EXPENSES if your training is a closed session for your exclusive staff such as a zoo. aquarium, amusement part etc.

The saying "Rome wasn't built in a day", applies to production face painting in a high volume setting. If you really want thorough training for your staff we suggest you have the Ruby Red representative spend a full day in your park WITH YOUR STAFF. With a full day of side by side painting in the park. If this is done, your staff will be able to be totally on their own the next day. We say "the trick is not to learn how to face paint, but to learn how to face paint quickly". It takes in the trenches painting to get the speed down to the desired three to five minutes per face. With a day of side by side training your staff will be able to stand on their own. The three hour class is generally free of charge. If you want a full day then there is a $1000 charge but it would be money well spent as a staff of six painters, properly trained, will generate over $7000 a day in gross earnings. We will show you how. Amusement venues generally get the first training event for free (the 3 hour training). If we have trained at your park before we usually ask you to pay travel costs for the second round of training. We do not charge you for our time. We just charge you for the travel (airline ticket, hotel, rental car etc.). Some parks have us come at the beginning of each season to train new staffing.

Guidelines for our resell customers...

You must have purchased a minimum of $2500 in the previous calendar year or be willing to pay for some or all of the travel expenses. Resellers are to bring in, at a minimum, some product for resell for those that come to the event. Ask for full details on minimum purchases.

The challenge is to select a date that both works for your schedule as well as that of Ruby Red Paint. It is best to book your date well in advance (suggested four to six months). We will hold the date for one week waiting for a deposit and a signed contract. After one week we will not hold the date until a deposit and contract is received. It will not be posted to the classes page until a contract and deposit is received.  Once the deposit is made to hold the date, you may select the particular classes you wish to be taught. A firm schedule of classes should be done one month in advance at a minimum. You can send us the dates you want or we can send you our travel schedule for a several month period.

Guidelines for clowning conventions...
If you are going to have more than 150 people at your clowning event, Ruby Red will come to your event and teach classes at no charge. Generally, at a minimum, we expect to get a free vendor table for our services.

If we are coming simply to train a private group of face painters (for example an entertainment company) and you do not wish the class to be open to those outside your group then we expect you would be paying for travel expenses.

Other considerations...
Bookings must fit into the schedule of Ruby Red Paint. A minimum of four weeks notice is generally needed.

NOTE: THERE ARE OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES WHERE WE COULD COME TO YOUR AREA AND TEACH CLASSES FOR FREE. This includes pairing your event with another event in the area. For example... if we were already planning on being in Los Angeles the first week in August, we could plan your lecture the day before or the day after our already scheduled trip. To meet this scenario you can e-mail us at gary@rubyredpaint.com  and ask when we might be in your area.

If an audience of 25 can not be guaranteed then it is expected that the client pay for hotel, air fare and rent-a-car. No lecture or food expenses would be expected. If we would be in that area already all expenses may be waved if there are 25 people or more guaranteed.

GENERALLY, when we are teaching classes at our expense we reserve the right to 1) invite others in the area to join in via http://www.rubyredpaint.com/hold/classes.htm , 2) invite a local Ruby Red reseller to sell product at the event unless the host is an approved reseller, 3) other stipulations may apply. Contact Gary directly and discuss your upcoming event. Lets work together to provide you a FREE or low cost face painting training event. Call and talk to us about it toll free at 800-451-4040 Ask for Gary Cole.

Ruby Red at their discretion would review all lecture and marketing opportunities. It may opt to do an event even if there is a net loss if the marketing value offers potential. Most options would be considered. When concerns exist the client should do its best to define the positive opportunities that could be achieved by the event. Brainstorming between the client and Ruby Red most likely will result in the best potential. Again all marketing opportunities should be considered.

Depending on the type of event Ruby Red may provide door prizes, sample products for workshops or face painting contest prizes. Depending on the marketing objectives the customer may be expected to pay all or part of these expenses.

Repeat events during a two year period will be based on previous successes. Most likely repeat events during this two year period travel expenses would be paid for by the customer. This would include all travel expenses. $300 per day (or more depending on expenses) MIGHT also be charged for repeat events to help recoup hours lost in the normal work environment. If a event charge is being charged at the event they may be asked to share in the proceeds above and beyond overhead. Marketing exposure is one of the primary issues to help in making these decisions.

Bottom line, Ruby Red USA Inc.  is interested in boosting sales in its territory. Each marketing opportunity is reviewed based on practical business rules.

Here are some examples of lectures that can be taught by Ruby Red Paint. Generally, lectures are more helpful when they build on each other working from beginner classes up to building professional skills. This by no means is a complete list. We can arrange a lecture that would meet the needs of your particular group.

Face Painting for Beginners 1.5 to 3 hours

This is a face painting class for beginners. We talk about the need for safety in face painting. You will learn the basics including cheek art and full faces. Learn basic sponge and brush technique. Learn what to do from color mixing to using face painting stamps. Simple designs will be taught and in this class you generally are introduced to full face designs. There will be lots of opportunity for questions from the group. Learn also how to merge face painting into your current entertainment package. You will learn how to start a basic face painting set up, suggestions on what to charge, tricks to help you build your skills, and how to start face painting for a fee.

Fast Faces for Fast Bucks 1.5 to 2 hours

In the one and a half hours see us run through many of the top 2 to 5 minute faces. Even with the questions and answers generally you can see ten to fifteen full face designs demonstrated. You will see how easy it is to paint a full face tiger faster that you can paint that unicorn on the cheek. There is great perceived value to full-face, face painting. This will be the lecture to change your thinking of this new art to add to your entertainment events. Once you see how face the full faces can be painted so quickly you will wish to rethink your current face painting range.

Special F/X 1 to 2 hours

In this class that can vary in length learn how to do some great special effects. Using the special effects wax you can create some of the best bullet wounds, gashes, cuts and bumps. You will learn how to make bruising and black eyes and all kinds of nasty effects. You can use these for Halloween, boy's parties or for the theatre. Take all of the above and add the liquid blood and you are sure to get the people to cringe. This can be a lecture format or hands on. The more you make it lecture, the more you can cover. When you make it hands on, you tend to be able to see only one third since everyone needs to keep up with the lecturer.

Face Painting workshop 1.5 to 2 hours

All materials provided by the host, come and play in the face paints, have us work with you one-on-one as we enjoy a little face painting contest. 15 minute opening, 45+  minutes for the contest, 15 minutes for judging and 15 minutes for questions. You will learn why you need to upgrade your kit and add glitter gels, glitter powders and better quality sponges. Come and join in on the fun, the contest and prizes. We walk around the room and work with you individually in helping you address your personal concerns with face painting. Note hands-on classes really slows down the pace. In a lecture we can cover a full face every ten to fifteen minutes. Depending on the size of the group a hands-on step-by-step class can take thirty to forty-five minutes per face.

Face Painting workshop - step by step 1.5 to 2 hours

For this class there is a $1 to $16 additional charge for supplies depending on the kit you want the workers to work out of. In this class we will work with the audience in step by step fashion through one of the popular faces. As the lecturer does a instructional face, the people in the audience will follow this step on themselves, their painting partner or a model they have brought along. Each participant will be given a small two or three color kit, a face painting sponge and a face painting brush. They get to take the kit home with them when they are finished. Depending on the colors in the kit and the designs you wish to paint, we can cover more than one face painting design. Some suggestions are tiger, Spiderman, dog, butterfly or select designs of your own. Note: when we do a hands on class the pace really slows down. Expect to paint one face design for every thirty to forty-five minutes of class time.

Holiday Faces - 1.5 hours

This is another full-face class to meet the needs of holiday painters. During the lecture we will hit all the major holidays with full-face ideas. Some possibilities are Presidents Day, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more.

Painting an Elaborate Face or Body Painting - 1.5 to 3 hours

Many get the opportunity to paint those one to three hour faces for marketing opportunities. This could include anything from a show piece model at a public event to helping run a video marketing spot. For these you will not get by with the five to ten minute face. Take this opportunity to learn to work and perfect a show piece.

Step-by-Step Workshop - 1.5 to 3 hours

Do you want to take part in this class? You pick the designs and bring your paint and someone to paint on. Then we will walk you through the design step by step and as we paint a step, you paint a step. This is the perfect way to do hands on. As a general rule it takes about thirty to forty-five minutes per design when you create in this format.

50 Steps to Building a Successful Face Painting Business - 2 hours

You can face paint and learn now how to build a $30,000 to $100,000 a year profession while making little children smile and having a heck of a lot of fun. Many actually have. Let us walk you through 50+ steps that can earn you that extra cash you want or need. It is easy once you know how. This lecture will really motivate you and all by itself will be worth the money you spent for the entire convention. Did you ever think you could earn a good living making children smile? Included you will learn marketing, organizational and networking skills that will jump your business several levels. You will receive may ideas to get you organized and improve your professional image. This is THE class to attend if you are wanting to get serious about face painting for profit.

Face Painting Jam - 1 to 2 hours

This is a more informal approach to lectures. Generally it is best done at the end of all of the other classes. In this setting those in the class can bring their own face painting supplies. The format is an open venue and is lead by the questions and needs of those in attendance. Many find this less structured environment the best way to get their personal face painting concerns addressed. Topics can include everything from how to get certain painting effects done to how to deal with large pay-by-the-face venues. Again, this is a very open venue.

How to train and manage a face painting team - 1.5 hours to 2 hours

The key to building a financially productive business is to build a team of workers. There is a need to build your administrative skills. How to hire, train, motivate, manage and grow your staff to your needs.

Contracts for clients as well as face painting workers

If you do not want to get yourself in a bind then make sure you have all the rules in writing. Get the customer or your work to sign an agreement on meeting your desired objectives.

Event SPECIFIC face painting

Do you need to attend a specific face painting event? This might include any of the following... Sports Venues, religious events (such as Bar Mitzvah's), strawberry festivals, rodeos. Get your act together so you will be the greatest hit at these events. We will show you how to do this.

Build to suit...
Every group of face painters beginner or professional have different needs in terms of training. Your particular group might have extra needs, concerns or wish to be developed in a special niche. Discuss those needs with us and we can build a class that can fill the void in your skills.

Quick bio on Gary Cole the primary lecturer for Ruby Red USA Inc.-

Gary Cole has been involved with Ruby Red since 1994 when the Ruby Red product was launched in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Over the last twenty years he became a partner and eventually bought out the rights to manufacture, market, distribute the Ruby Red line in North America. In addition he owns and manages "Party Faces Inc." a party service business in the Dallas / Fort Worth area that has grown very successfully offering face painting and other party services both at a corporate and private party basis. He understands both sides of this industry. As an accomplished face painter, business man and lecturer he enjoys helping others grow their business and is open in sharing the things he has learned. Isn't it about time you doubled your current business plan?

As a side note, Gary also hold two Guinness Book World records 1) for the most number of full faces painted by a team of five people during a one hour period and 2) the most number of faces painted in a one hour period. This record was made in Scotland in September of 2007. For this record he painted 217 different three color, full face designs. That is a recognizable full face every 16.5 seconds! see www.rubyredpaint.com/faqguinness.htm for more information. Or see www.rubyredpaint.com/faqbio.htm for a full Bio on Gary Cole who does most of the training. No person has taught more people how to face paint than Gary. The training program at Ruby Red since 2000 has grown tremendously.

Lectures are offered for free to venues where there are more than 25 people in attendance (with certain parameters, in other words they must be SPECIFICALLY interested in learning this craft) or to those volume Ruby Red resellers wishing to build the face painting volume in their particular industry. see the contract for this at http://www.rubyredpaint.com/PDF/lecture.pdf

All lecture questions should be addressed to gary@rubyredpaint.com

Gary Cole
Ruby Red Paints Inc.
1214 Metro Park Blvd.
Suite 201
Lewisville, TX 75057
972-221-8665 phone
972-221-8625 fax


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