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To make an initial posting there is a REQUIRED $10 administrative fee. This web site generates over eight million hits on its slowest month and twenty-four million on its busiest month. In a survey 90% of those posted said they receive both inquiries and booking as a direct result of having been posted to our site. In order to get your initial posting made you MUST FIRST go to CLICK HERE . and pay the $10 administrative fee.

NOTE: When you pay this initial $10 fee we will post your information within two weeks. Once posted, you will be charged a $5 administrative fee to have it deleted or to make ANY changes. There is no annual fee. There will be no further charges unless you specifically request a change.

BE SURE YOU PROVIDE ALL OF THE INFORMATION the first time and submit it correctly. If you provide incomplete information or submit the incorrect information you will be required to pay the $5 administrative fee for ANY changes, including removing your listing. We encourage you to read .

You may also provide this request by fax, mail, e-mail. You must pay the administrative fee by the link above or with a check or money order. Be sure to include your name, your company name, complete phone number, the geographical area where you work, your state, your country, your postal code, your e-mail, your URL and tell us exactly what you do. Do you face paint, clown, balloon, do temporary tattoos? Also in the "other section" limit your comments to the characters used on the web page. If you do not limit your descriptions we will be forced to cut your information as to fit in the allocated space. We really prefer if you first look at so you can see how others have met the spacing parameters.

Double check your information. Make sure all the information is perfect and EVERYTHING is included. There are no exceptions to the $5 administration fee.


Please fill out the following information sheet for your free positing. 

No blank areas will be allowed.


First Name:  
Last Name
Company Name, Clown Name or other identifier:
City or area where you do face painting or entertaining     
State or Province     
Home Postal Code or Zip

 I realize that if I later wish to have it removed or wish to make any changes I will be required to pay a $5 administrative fee for this work. I recognize that a $5 charge will apply to a single change or to change every feature. I agree to these terms...

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I would like posted to the site that I am available for hire for all items selected below...   

I do face painting
I am a clown
I am a ballooner
I do temporary or gllitter tattoos

What other services do you offer?



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