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You may submit a photo to any current page. Note if the contest has been closed we will still post your photo, but you would not be able to win any prizes. To see the guidelines for any contest see also look for additional specific guidelines on the particular photo page. To have your photo posted you MUST SPECIFY WHICH PAGE or CONTEST YOU WANT YOUR PHOTO POSTED TO. See the above link for other REQUIRED posting details. Note: On certain pages like the butterflies, cats and clown pages we have plenty of entries. On those particular pages, we are only accepting photos that offer techniques or styles that offer variety to that of those posted. Questions may be directed to Once any photo is posted to any photo page it will not be removed without a fee. Please make sure you submit all of the correct information when you submit your photo. To later remove your photo or make any changes in name, e-mail or the like requires a $5 administrative fee to pay the editing costs. This is a free service to post photos and we simply can not continue to make changes of any kind with out an administrative fee. By submitting photos you are agreeing to these terms.

NOTE: If you are looking for a specific face to help you and you don't want to have to look through 100 different photo pages (or literally thousands of photos) we would suggest you first look by division, then by title. If you then do not find it, we would suggest you look in the Halloween and Free-for-all contests. In these two annual contests we receive the largest variety as well as largest quantity of submissions. There are very few restrictions in these contests so there is a very wide variety of photos in those contests. Also most of these offer a tab at the bottom to go to the next page in line. This will speed your search. FOR THE VERY BEST, LOOK FIRST AT THOSE PAGES IDENTIFIED ON THE LEFT AS "BEST PAGE" highlighted in yellow.

Division or theme Best
Title   Manage By Year
open contest closed
Animals   Spiders   Nancy 2012    
Learn   Step by Step 2011   Paula 2011    
Animals   Dogs     2010    
Themes   Planes, Trains & Automobiles   Nancy 2010    
Animals   Flying Bugs   Nancy 2010    
Themes   Australia     Karen 2010    
Animals   Farm Animals   Kim 2009    
Themes   Children's Books   Kim 2009    
Themes   Western   Paula 2009    
Themes   An Eye for an Eye - using your eye for the animal's eye   Paula 2008    
Themes   Hand Faces   Paula 2008    
Themes   Music   Nancy 2008    
Themes   Wild painting NOT painted on a human   Paula 2004    
  Topical Page Birds   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Butterflies   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Classic Monsters   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Clowns   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Dinosaurs   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Domestic Mammals   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Insects & Spiders   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Fantasy   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Fire & Tribal   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Flowers   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Free Form, Egyptian, & other Creative Designs   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Harry Potter , Spongebob , & other Media Icons   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Holidays (besides Halloween)   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Landscapes   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Masks using Both Eyes   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Masks using One Eye   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Monsters, Demons, & Ghouls   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Pirates, Statues, Jewlery, & the Sun   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Pumpkins, Haunts, & Wounds   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Reptiles   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Spiderman , Sesame Street , & Disney   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Skulls   Matthew ongoing    
Topical Page Water Animals Matthew ongoing
  Topical Page Zombies   Matthew ongoing    
  Topical Page Zoo Mammals   Matthew ongoing    
  Best page The TOP 15 Most Requested Faces  - for Full Faces     ongoing    
  Best page The Ruby Red Paint "Face-off" King and Queen of the hill contests - for Full Faces   Kim ongoing    
  Best page The Ruby Red Paint "Face-off" King and Queen of the hill contests - for Body Art   Kim ongoing    
  Best page The Ruby Red Paint "Face-off" King and Queen of the hill contests - for Cheek Art   Kim ongoing    
  Best page Gary's TOP 100 selected faces for the 3 to 5 minute, professional face painter
entries to this page are by invitation only
  Gary ongoing    
  Best page Gary's TOP 100 selected "cheek art" faces for the 3 to 5 minute, professional face painter entries to this page are by invitation only   Gary ongoing    

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