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Private label sales       

Ruby Red Paint Inc. is an American manufacturer that is willing to private label for you. All of our products from face paints to glitter tattoos to stencils can be manufactured with your packaging. In other words our product in your packaging so the consumer identifies it as your product and not ours. We have private labeled in quantities as low as 120 units up to 100,000 kits just for one licensed sports order for the NFL for the Super Bowl. We like the saying "Made in America at made-in-China prices". When you consider the cost of shipping, brokerage fees and duty/tariffs you can actually buy American less than buying from China. There are many products can be private labeled in volumes as low as 120 units. Like with most purchases, the more you buy the better your price. The items that more easily allow lower purchase volumes are those that come in clamshell type packaging like those shown below. For these we print internally the insert you see in the kits. We will give you the dimensions for the printed insert and tell you those items that are required by law to be on the insert. Most of the time there is not even a set up cost. Key elements like ingredients, a legal address (this can be your address) and the like tend to be on the back of the label. For low volumes under 1000 units, there is a $30 art setup charge. The top private label options are the packages below. In these kits we print the insert in-house and therefor can make these kits in low volume or releases. Just for a better understanding look at the center kit which is our six color clamshell design. This is one of our most popular private label kits. This kit has six colors of paint (your choice) and a little brush. This kit will easily paint sixty full faces. It has a suggested retail of $10.50 and the minimum order for this kit is only 120 units and you would get them at wholesale which is $5.25 When you get to the point where you can purchase 680 of these kits your price drops to $3.68 which is 30% below wholesale. You can mix or match the color combinations in order to get to your minimum number of units. For example you might want 120 kits each in the classic top six colors, another set of pastel colors, another set targeting girls and another for boys. The possibilities are endless. For private label the minimum per style is 120 units. In the case of the six color clampack, these go into a 40 count inner box so we would like you to order at least 120 but in increments of 40 in order to utilize our inner pack cartons. For those that are Amazon sellers it gets even better. We will ship directly to Amazon on your behalf so there is no double shipping, no warehousing, ship in much smaller quantities, fast delivery and no high Amazon warehouse fees because you can maintain a much lower volume in the warehouse. For most quantities we can ship in a matter of a few business days. Try that out of China. You can even order the minimum of 120 units and ship them one 40 count case at a time in order to reduce your Amazon warehouse costs. When you are ready for the next case you just tell it and it can go out in that day's shipments via our daily UPS pickup.


The items below are fast with low minimums. Again, you can ship in quantities as low as 120 units in your label. On all of the kits below we print the insert of vinyl label in-house so we can offer fast delivery with low minimums.



If you want your products blister carded then the minimums are still 120 units (per order) but you must pay for the printing of all of the blister cards up front. In the case of items blister carded, our blister card manufacturer has minimum print runs. These are generally in volumes of 7,500 and higher. The price to print the blistercard depends on the size. This does not mean you have to order your blister carded kits in that high of a minimum. You just have to pay for the blister cards up front as we do not wish to tie up our inventory dollars with your blister cards. We would store your blister cards here and you can make smaller releases of your custom kit in volumes as low as 120 units per design. Like before, we often like you to round up to the inner pack increments which is usually 40 units. If you have a good blistercard supplier you can even ship your own blistercards to us to use. Examples of that packaging is below...


The possibilities for private label are endless from boxed sets to larger professional kits but because print runs for printed boxes start at 10,000 it becomes a challenge unless you are willing to pay for the boxes to be printed up front. We can send you the art layout for any of the blister cards or boxes and you can submit your artwork. In most cases you would be required to pay for the actual print costs up front for the blister card or box. These costs range from $750 up to $5000. We are forced to buy the minimum number of blister cards or boxes in a print run. Despite having to buy 7,500 to 10,000 minimum print runs we will allow you to make release in lower quantities. We are willing to inventory your blister cards and allow you to make releases based on your actual sales. In most cases, when you use up your blister cards we will replenish these in inventory as long as you are continually ordering.

If you want custom packaging that is also an option. The variety is limited only by your imagination, the minimums and your budget. All private label projects are coordinated through

Some items like the 18ml/.61oz individual color, these can also be ordered private labeled without the blister card. They would look like this except with your label/art on the polypropylene jar.

Because we are regulated by FDA cosmetic laws we must conform to the cosmetic labeling laws. There are minimum requirements on labeling. This includes full ingredient disclosure, a legal address (it can be your address) and additions like weight for each product. You can work with our art department to get great packaging. Some of the packaging printing is done in-house and on those products the minimum is lower. If we have to go out of house for packaging printing we require the customer to pay, in advance for the packaging components or make a guarantee for minimum purchases for those products. Items like blister cards can have minimum 7500 units. Like with most purchasing, the more you buy, the lower the cost. If you are interested in private label contact Gary Cole at

 Again, if you are looking for a great product for Amazon sales, you have come to the right place. Low minimums, we ship quickly and we can ship directly to the Amazon distribution center of your choice.  



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