Face Painting Stamps

To get a custom face painting or craft stamp made you might want to click over to  www.rubyredpaint.com/customstamps.htm

To find our suggested guidelines for designing your face paint stamp refer to www.rubyredpaint.com/PDF/StampGuidelines.pdf

Our line of EVA foam stamps are engineered for use with face paints. The stamps are approximately 1.5" at the widest point and perfect for the cheek of the average child. The EVA stamp is one inch thick which allows for easy handling by even a beginner face painter. Apply the face paints to the stamp and apply it directly to the child's face. After use, wash the stamps and use over and over. You can add a drop of water to the face paint sponge and mix on the cake or load your large flat brush and apply the paint to the stamp. Then lightly touch the child's face with the stamp. Do not press too hard or you can mess up the design. If you find you have too much paint on the stamp, touch it to a paper towel just prior to touching the face to lighten the load of the paint. With the right amount of water to paint ratio you will get a perfect design.


Watch a video on how easy it is to apply the stamps by clicking here...  http://www.rubyredpaint.com/StampVideo.mov

The face painting stamps and stencils can be shipped internationally. As an example mailing 20 stamps to the United Kingdom the cost is only about $15US when sent in an international global envelope.
"Because I don't draw, I never tried to face paint. But thanks to your outlines, now face painting is my specialty"
-Sassafrass the Clown, Brooklyn Heights, NY

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"Our school fundraising carnival earned at least $1000 with your stamps. We set up an 'assembly line' of sixth grade painters and have a wonderful time."


CUSTOM STAMPS MADE TO YOUR LINE DRAWING ARE NOW AVAILABLE. These would be individually made to meet your special requirements. You would have to make sure it is not a copyrighted image or secure, in writing, the rights to make such a stamp. This applies to everything from a university logo to a Disney character (as an example). We are very strict about protecting copyrights.  We require you to sign a legal release stating you have secured the rights to the image AND you assume all liability when we make the stamp on your behalf. Custom EVA stamps can be made with a $30 set up charge. There is then a $10 per stamp charge for the stamps. If you want more than ten of the same stamp then the price will drop. Specific questions regarding custom stamps should go to gary@rubyredpaint.com  You would have to mail or e-mail us the exact image you would like to be duplicated. It can take one to three weeks to get a custom stamp made. If we have to create your artwork or your artwork is very complex there can be extra charges. Examples below


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