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Four simple low cost marketing tools that can make you stand in front of your peers...
There are many people that are reading this article that perhaps are excellent clowns, face painters, ballooners or magicians but are not paying the bills due to poor marketing. I'm going to pass on four fairly inexpensive tools that can make you move to the front of the line.
#1 - Get some good looking business cards
Depending on your particular skills you need to come up with a business card that has a look of "Hey, I want this guy/girl at my next event". The question is what are the basics? To many times the cards look quite boring or on the other hand they look like you are advertising the printer's font library. Come up with a logo or photo that is colorful and catches the eye. Do allow your ego to win out over the better option. For example, many put on their clown face on the card, rather than posting the photo of the good looking child with their faces painted or wearing your balloon hat. 5th Avenue doesn't put the new cloths line on the perfect models because it does not work. If the perception is you make people and particularly children smile, you will do better than showing your face. Let me say it again... don't let your ego get the better marketing. Try to stick to a maximum of two types of fonts. On top of that, make those fonts that can easily be read from 3 foot away. Personally I like to buy the "tent style" business cards. I put a full color photo of children with their face painted on the front of the card and the basics of information. Add a catchy phrase to the front of the card that sums up what you do or offer. On the back, I list my top 25 or so customers to indicate that I am being hired from the best companies in the area. On the inside in simple black print I add the different services I offer and the general pricing structure. If you look around you can find many companies that can print a first class color business card for very little. E-mail me if you want some ideas. On the front give only the very basic details. Don't over complicate things. More tips on business cards can be found at by Deb Ling.
#2 - Make a simple web page that gives more information.
On those business cards add your e-mail and URL for your web page. Most internet providers allow you space to create your own web page. If not there are many places on the internet that allow free personal web page space. Take advantage of this. This way, if people want more information, they can always log on to your web page. It is a free flyer. If you wish to see a good example take a look at mine at
#3 - Now that you have a good card and the free web page start passing out those cards like candy.
I have found that most people will toss a flyer in the trash almost right away but they will stash away a business card for future use. I've had people call me up from cards that I passed out six years ago when I started the company. I know it is six years, because at first I used my home phone number. Remember, your card must catch their eye and give them just enough information that they want to hold on to it. At every event you go to, have cards out on the table and ALWAYS leave at least three to five of them with the hostess. We even have one of those pencil packs with a zipper and clear window in the three ring binder that shows the children what faces we can paint. We add a page right by it that says "feel free to take one of our business cards". I like the tent style cards because you can fold them and have them standing up asking to be picked up when you paint or balloon. Consider each card as a future opportunity to work.
#4 - The next idea you get and give out for free and that is a smile.
Everyone that reads this page will be someone that works with the public. There is no doubt that you will get MANY MORE OPPORTUNITIES if you live your life and do your work with a smile on your face, in your walk and in your voice. You are dealing with people and they simply do not want to hear about your aching back, the traffic ticket you received or the jerk you have as a neighbor. Even if you are having a bad day, put a smile on your face. It is very contagious. If you can keep that smile on you will attract much more business. I know you know what I am talking about. Have a smile and you can't go wrong. No one wants a sour pus at their event. The happier you can position yourself the better off you will be.
Gary Cole
Ruby Red Paints Inc.

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